Research News
Harbin Institute of Technology

Prof. Xie Hui’s HIT Research Group Makes Great Progress in Nanomechanical Measurement Imaging


HIT Professor He Qiang’s Research Team Publishes Research Results on the Discovery of Group Behavior of the Colloid Motor in Angewandte Chemie International Edition


Research Group Led by Wang Zhijiang of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Makes Great Progress in the Reclamation of CO2


Professor Shao Lu’s Team from HIT’s School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Makes Significant Achievements in Ultrafast Molecular Separation Membranes Research


Hu Ying’s Research Group from HIT’s School of Life Science and Technology Makes Great Progress in the Study on the Regulation of Oxidative Stress on Tumor Cells


Professors Zhang Guangyu and Li Longqiu from HIT Mechatronics Engineering School achieve new progress in Magnetic Micro-vehicles


Vice Professor Li Baoqiang of School of Material Science and Engineering Made Significant Progress in Real-Time Noninvasive Visualized Monitoring of Degradation of Biomaterials Based on Nano Carbon Dots


Researchers from HIT Achieved Significant Breakthroughs on Water Diode Janus Membranes


The Team Led by Professor HAN Xiaojun from School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Making Significant Progress in the Field of Artificial Cell Research


The Research Team Led by GENG Huiyuan of School of Materials Science and Engineering Making Important Breakthroughs in the Study of the Thermal Conduction Mechanism of Thermoelectric Materials