2019 HIT Summer School
Harbin Institute of Technology

2018 Imprint Harbin·City Trace – International Summer School Notice

Updated: 2018/04/20

About Program 

The 3rd Imprint Harbin·City Trace  –  International Summer School will run for 10 days during July 8 to 28 in 2018 organized by School of Architecture. In the  last two years, “Imprint Harbin·City Trace” program has achieved good results and response, successfully shaping it into a multi-learning platform for cooperation and coordination of multi-specialties and multi-fields, also providing a good opportunity for students from different colleges to take a professional perspective and cognitive perception of Harbin, a historical and cultural city of northern China. 

The international summer school this year, taking architectural design workshop as the main line, will continue to invite famous professors overseas such as the professors of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Delft University of Technology together with domestic excellent teachers as the design workshop tutors. Regarding the Harbin historic district as the carriers of main courses, this workshop aims at experiencing the glamour  of buildings in the north city Harbin and meanwhile attempting to innovate architectural design under new technologies. At the same time, the workshop can enhance the professional quality and expand the international perspective of students under the lectures of many teachers from international universities. 

In the summer term of 2018, The third International Summer School  "Imprint Harbin· City Trace  - Architectural Design Camp" of HIT with enthusiasm  is looking forward to your joining in the cool and beautiful Harbin! 

Faculty Members 


Schedule of Curriculum and Cultural Experience 


The teaching content of this  summer school  consists of  four  sections:  teaching courses, lectures, design workshop and research. 

The  teaching courses  part will be  given by Professor  Herman van Bergeijk from Delft University of Technology in Holland with a total of 16 class hours. And the essence of the modern western architectural history will be explained from seven different subjects. 

The lectures part  will be reported by eight experts and scholars. They are Professor Takehiko Nagakura from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Chen Shouheng as the expert of MIT Computation Group and the Chief Architect of SHDT Shouheng Design, Sun Wei who is in charge of China Technical Support and Promotion Center and also the co-founder of Shaper3d,  Professor Mei Hongyuan known as the National Engineering Survey and Design Master, Professor Sun Cheng awarded the Changjiang Scholar, Professor Liu Songfu regarded as the leader of Architectural History and Theory, and Professor Leng Hong  as  the expert in Urban Planning, etc. 

The design workshop part  is made up of 4 Co-designs with different learning needs and themes in various professional levels, each of which will be guided by characteristic co-design faculty group. 

The research part  includes the study of the development of the city and its related factors from the perspective of the architect after deeply experiencing the history, culture, architecture and life of Harbin. 


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