Harbin Institute of Technology

Online 100th Anniversary

Updated: 2020/06/07


Online Blessing

Blessing Videos from 100 Top Universities in the World

From June 1st to June 7th

On the Internet

Blessing videos from 100 top universities in the world will be played.

Videos of Alumni Passing on the Flag of HIT Around the Globe

From June 1st to June 7th

On the Internet

Alumni around the world will make videos of themselves passing on the flag of HIT, which will be played during the celebration.

Digital Tour

The Exhibition of the Items Inside the Reinstalled Space Hall and the Museum

From June 1st to June 7th

On the Internet

Visiting activities will be completed online via watching videos of guides.

The Interviews of One Hundred People about the Last Ten Decades of HIT

In 2020

Onthe Internet

A series of reports about “ I and My Stories with HIT ” will be demonstrated.

The Forums of One Hundred People about the Last Ten Decades of HIT

In 2020

On the Internet

Lectures from well-known alumni and experts will be shown.

Online Interacting

The Development of Interactive Applets

In 2020

On the Internet

Apps such as “Profile photos of WeChat for the 100th Anniversary of HIT”, “Wishing HIT a happy centennial”, “Looking for old photos with classmates” and so on will be developed.

The Collection of Old Objects and Photos and Solicitation of Articles

In 2020

Onthe Internet

Essays with the theme of “My Stories with HIT” will be solicited and displayed online, as well as old items and photos collected by alumni.

Online Homecoming

Visiting the Campus Online

In 2020

On the Internet

With the help of the Interactive Multidimensional Campus Geography System, which also has the function of streaming, we can    enjoy the view of the campus online, incorporating audio, image, live scenes and video. The first dormitory will reappear with the application of 3D    technology.

Online Lecturing

Attending Lectures as a Student in Memory of Youth

May 30th

On  the Internet

Alumni can go back in time to re-experience being a    student by attending a live lecture for undergraduates.


Events of 100th Anniversary

IAS-HIT-eSummer 2020

Announcement and Call for Works of International Collegiate Spacecraft Innovation Design Contest 2018

Notice Regarding the International Environment and Arctic Seminar

Notice on Recruiting Voluntary Docents for Harbin Railway Museum

Registration Notice for the Global Innovate FPGA Contest

Call for Papers for the 2nd Session of the Academic Forum for Undergraduates Majoring in Economics and Management of Harbin Institute of Technology

“Beautiful China” Ecological Research Group of the School of Environment Recruits Volunteers

[Activity Recommendation] Activity Center “Mobile Library Station” Book Sharing Proposal

Notice for the Sixth Anniversary Concert of Harbin Institute of Technology MUSICA Chamber Choir