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One Hundred Young Talents at both Home and Abroad Gathering in HIT and the “Shenzhou” Forum of International Young Scholars Being Held

Updated: 2017/1/6

Reported by: Liu Peixiang
Photographed by: Lan Rui, Feng Jian, Huang Cong, Yan Mingxing, Liu Zhongkui, Shang Yankai, Ji Xing, and Student Press Corps
Translated by: Zhao Mengmeng
Edited by: Garrick Jones

The first “Shenzhou” Forum of International Young Scholars of HIT with the theme of “making all rivers run into sea and gathering new 800 heroes” was held in our school from December 25 to 26. One hundred young talents from 89 world's top universities and academic institutions such as Harvard University, Yale University, Cambridge University, Oxford University and Imperial College gathered in Harbin to seek common development.

Xiong Sihao, the Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of HIT, made a speech in the opening ceremony to express welcome and thanks to the scholars from home and abroad for attending the forum on behalf of the school. He said that since HIT was founded 96 years ago, it has shared the same destiny with the motherland and kept up with the times, and with the adherence to national great needs and international frontiers of science and technology, it has taken root in China to establish a world-class university, which has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents and made a batch of significant symbolic achievements, thus making outstanding contributions to national and local economic and social development. He also said that talents were the foundation of a university and the prosperity of business, and talents were the first strategic resources supporting the development of the university and the strong backing for building a world-class university. HIT has always paid great attention to the instruction of teaching staff, forming a tradition and characteristic of “master + team” and “vigorous promotion and bold use of young teachers”, and it has made great efforts to provide ladders and platforms for young teachers, so that a large number of middle-aged and young teachers have stood out and grew into leading scholars in various fields, who have been active in international academic frontiers and served national great strategic needs and local economic and social development. With a century of history, the first-class career is inseparable from the first-class talents; meanwhile, it will also cultivate and create first-class talents. Sincere welcome were expressed to young ambitious talents around the world to throw themselves into the construction cause of our country and HIT and to know, concern and join in HIT for working together to realize the beautiful Chinese dream.

Han Jiecai, the Vice President of HIT, made a report of “Building the First-class University with the Assistance of First-class Scientific Researches”, during which he introduced the scientific researches of HIT from the aspects such as research traditions and features, highlights and strengths and vision and planning. He said that the scientific research of HIT always adhered to "facing international frontiers of science and technology and national great demand and the main battle field of national economy", and it focused on a solid foundation and adhered to feature-oriented development to constantly increase the ability of original innovation, collaborative innovation and social service, rapidly develop basic research and aerospace national defense scientific research and further enhance the ability to serve the integration of informationization and industrialization and the deep development of military-civilian integration. “The thirteenth Five-Year Plan” was a period of important strategic opportunities for China's development. The implementation of Made in China, 2025, Internet plus, military-civilian integration strategy and national major projects highly tallied with the discipline layout, scientific research characteristics and future development planning of HIT. HIT has strived to create and seek an excellent academic atmosphere, cultivate leading talents with the combination of science with education, develop landmark projects in advance, promote key breakthroughs in cross platforms, facilitate the active transformation of scientific and technological achievements and boost “double first-class” construction, thus providing a good career platform for young talents.

An Shi, the Vice President of HIT, gave a speech of “Making All Rivers Run into the Sea and Gathering New 800 Heroes”, during which he explained in detail the talent strategies, institutional mechanisms and important initiatives of the university in terms of historical traditions and features, the responsibility and mission of the times, and future strategies and initiatives of teaching staff construction. He said that HIT actively undertook the historical mission and responsibility in the new era and followed the "two laws" to deepen the reform, change mechanism with the reform, promote development through the reform, and strengthen the comparative advantages of talent competition in terms of the talent development institutional mechanism, thereby gathering the talents around the world to contribute to national great strategies, the revitalization of the northeast China and the development in Heilongjiang Province. With long-term adherence to undertaking retraining, affection retraining and remuneration retraining, the school constantly improves the talent development and institutional mechanisms to strive to create an institutional environment conducive to the growth, development and standing out of young talents, and it offers full support and trust to the talents, provides double assurance in life and career, and actively establishes a good platform for teachers to bring their talents into play, cultivate career and realize dreams, with full efforts in the development of young teachers.

In the link of invited speech, Ma Jing, the professor of School of Aeronautics and the title winner of “The Most Beautiful Teachers” of large Public Benefit Action on CCTV, gave a speech under the title of “Achievements in the Laser Field in the Past 20 Years”, in which he introduced that he led a team to eventually achieve breakthroughs in the field of laser communication persisting for more than 20 years after he graduated and while he taught in the university, and shared his experience of interdisciplinary researches, cooperation, team work and achievement transformation during scientific researches for tackling key projects.

Professor Huang Zhiwei, the representative of introduced talents and the Dean of School of Life Science and Technology, shared his work and life stories in HIT and talked about his own experience and perception when he was integrated in HIT and grew into a real HIT man. "HIT, as always, pays much attention to and offers trust and support to young talents. In HIT, people who want to work will be certain to have a stage.” Huang Zhiwei, based on his own experiences, invited young talents to join in HIT to jointly realize their bigger dreams in this piece of fertile land.

Dr. Song Wenjun from Yale University, the representative of the young scholars participating in this forum, said in her statement that people abroad were more patriotic, which was the deepest feeling in the heart of every overseas Chinese. Currently, the state is in urgent need of highly-competent people, and the Party and the nation take doing a good work in the people studying abroad as a major task to implement the strategies of developing the country through science and education and strengthening the country through talents, make greater efforts to promote “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts” and “The Special Support Program of National High-level Talents” and do everything possible to create the conditions to make the returned personnel studying abroad have a favorable position for the use of their skills. Many outstanding scholars have the intention to return home and look forward to more channels and platforms to devote to national undertakings. The “Shenzhou” forum showed that HIT and even the northeast China paid much attention to talents. She believed that overseas students could find a favorable position for the use of their skills through the negotiations and docking of talents.

Dr. Xiao Chaowei, the Secretary-General of Students and Scholars Association in Cambridge University, said in a speech that the realization of the win-win situation between domestic universities and overseas talents lied in the organic combination of the overall development of universities with the personal values of talents. HIT has a unique advantage in that regard, not only because it is a historic elite, but because its philosophy is to keep its own characteristics, stick to independent innovation and actively undertake national high-grade, precision and advanced large projects, creating an excellent platform and providing high-quality academic resources and research environments for many scholars of natural and social sciences. The place where there are sycamore trees can attract phoenixes. HIT is such a sycamore tree. He believed that in the next few years, a string of returned phoenixes would be certain to spread the wings and soar high.

Xu Dianguo, the Vice President of HIT, presided over the opening ceremony. The young scholars participating in the forum and the guests together watched the advertising video of the school, “The Inclusive HIT Welcoming Young Talents around the World”, and visited the Museum of HIT, through which they had a further understanding of the school-running course, historical accumulation and spiritual traditions of HIT in recent 100 years.

After the opening ceremony, Xiong Sihao, An Shi and Xu Dian-Guo, the university authorities, and Mu Yongguo, the Director of Department of Personnel held discussions with the representatives of the scholars. “I have been in touch with Huang Zhiwei, my upperclassman. When he went back to HIT, I was a bit surprised and worried. However, I see that he is doing very well and has made great achievements, and I think it is worth a look. So, I came here after receiving his invitation, and his Life Science Center is very attractive...” “I study environmental chemistry and want to know the basic information of Shenzhen campus, as well as the development of the Environment Discipline in Shenzhen campus...” “I graduated from HIT and then studied in Florida later, and I always has the desire to return home from abroad. I would like to take this opportunity to learn about the situation in related fields in China and see whether there is a right opportunity...” “My current research area is of great concern at the international level. I met Professor Tan Yongbin in an academic exchange this year and have some understanding of his team and research direction, so I took this opportunity when I came back to the alma mater to participate in the forum to further deepen understanding and cooperation...” “Basic researches need accumulation with time as well as tolerance to failure. I want to know what atmosphere HIT has in this aspect...” Zhang Xianming from Harvard University, Gao Minghui from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Li Haoyu from Stony Brook University, Gao Qingbin from California State University - Long Beach, Cheng Huanyu from Pennsylvania State University, Su Jingyong from Texas Tech University, Liu Taojun from University of Colorado, Tian Yingtao from University of Manchester, Zhang Nan from University of Jyvaskyla, and Zou Feng from LinkedIn and other young scholars put forward their concerns and ideas during the symposium. The executives attending the meeting answered one by one. “Being interdisciplinary focuses on the cross between people and culture. HIT has a very strong team. We cooperate for a common goal and have undertaken many national key projects, quietly contributing to national demand, so the interdisciplinary atmosphere is very good.” “HIT is very strong in engineering. Now, it pays special attention to the development of science and basic research and has a long-term investment in science, with the permission that the eight immortals cross the sea and all flowers bloom together and tolerance to failure...” “HIT has made great efforts to create a relaxing research and living environment for scholars in order to solve all their worries, thus enabling the talents to concentrate on work and research.” “The reason that we bring in young talents from overseas is to have them display their talents on the international stage. HIT will adopt international current standards to evaluate scholars in an international coordinate system. Therefore, there will be a seamless link when overseas scholars come to HIT from abroad.” The two sides carried out in-depth exchanges and discussions on talent introduction, construction of research platforms, science studies, disciplinary cross, technological innovation and other hot issues.

The forum lasted for two days. Each school took full advantage of the opportunity that the university built the platform while the schools took actions. With adequate preparation, nine sub-forums of aerospace, mechanical and energy, information and communications, civil engineering and building, material and chemical engineering and chemistry, environment and life, mathematics, economics and management and humanities and society were held. The scholars participating in the forums conducted special reports and academic discussions on the international frontiers of their respective fields and carried out deep communication with related disciplinary teachers. The scholars also visited the National Key Laboratory of Robot Systems and Technologies, the National Key Laboratory of Urban Water Resources and Water Environment, the Institute of Composite Materials and Structures and the Institute of Satellite Technologies, and they respectively visited relevant departmental laboratories to know the overall strength of HIT from various perspectives.

The “Shenzhou” Forum of International Young Scholars aimed at inviting outstanding youth scholars both at home and abroad to conduct communication and discussion on international frontiers of science and technology, hot issues and their personal vocational development planning to promote disciplinary cross, academic innovation and exchange and cooperation. Besides, it also was intended to gather talents around the world to HIT, a talent highland, in order to contribute to national strategies and the development of Heilongjiang Province and make young scholars both at home and abroad devote themselves to the realization of the Chinese Dream - the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation. Before, HIT carried out advance publicity through multiple ways and channels such as holding overseas special recruitment fairs, releasing advertisements on well-known academic media such as Science, publishing information on 1000 Plan and other websites, printing and distributing recruitment brochures on academic conferences, making micro-websites and carrying out push through WeChat, and 256 applications were received, 98% of which were the young scholars under 40 years old. Based on the strict screening of each school, HIT ultimately invited one hundred young scholars under 40 years old to participate in this forum, including 82 scholars from Harvard University, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Imperial College and other top overseas universities, 14 scholars from famous scientific research institutions such as National Institute of Standards and Technology, and 4 scholars from the enterprises such as Qualcomm Incorporated, and more than 70% of the people were overseas PhD. holders. The forum, which attracted the attention of many social media, was reported by nearly 20 media outlets such as China News Service, China daily, Heilongjiang Daily and Heilongjiang Television Station.

(People involved in the report: Student Press Corps, Wang Wei, An Lan, Shu Guoyang, Chen Zelong, Xiao Meina, Liu Tianci, Liu Shuyi, Qi Xiaoquan and Yue Yamei)

The opening ceremony of the forum

Xiong Sihao, the Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of HIT, gave a speech.

Han Jiecai, the Vice President, made a report.

An Shi, the Vice President, made a report.

Xu Dianguo, the Vice President, presided over the opening ceremony.

Professor Ma Jing gave a speech.

Professor Huang Zhiwei gave a speech.

Dr. Song Wenjun from Yale University made a statement.

Xiao Chaowei from Cambridge University made a statement.

During the symposium

The young scholars participating in the forum took a picture together.

Visiting the museum

Visiting laboratories

The reports and communication in the sub-forums organized by each school


HIT Team won the Special Award of Chinese High Performance Composites Innovation Contest for College Students

Professor Leng Jinsong won the World Scholar Award of International Committee on Composite Materials Following Academician Du Shanyi

The Nobel Laureate in Physics Professor David Gross and Others Visited HIT