Harbin Institute of Technology

[Visual Show] The First Week: New Semester, New Hope

Updated: 2017/3/7

Reported by: Ji Xing
Photographed by: Feng Jian, Lan Rui, Yan Mingxing, Liu Zhongkiu, Ji Xing, Huang Cong, Kui Hiayan and Wen Ting
Translated by: Sun Jianyao
Edited by: Garrick Jones

The snow is shining with the sun and the breeze brings the breath of spring. In the first week of the new semester, the long-cherished dream has once again quickened. The HIT faculty and students in three campus have continued to work with one heart. Keeping Comrade Xi’s expectation when he visited HIT in mind——“connect the fate of our country and nation with self-development actively” ——they have been participated in work and study with great enthusiasm and hope.

A day’s plan starts in the morning. A year’s plan starts in the spring. A life success lies in diligence. The new semester stars with the new hope. No matter what you are doing, the learning or exercising, you can not be lazy in the spring morning. No matter in the City of Ice (HIT at Harbin), the seashore of the Yellow Sea (HIT at Weihai) or the Southern Pengcheng (HIT at Shenzhen), the HITers have been carrying out the original goal and working hard with dreams. No matter in classroom, laboratory, library, or canteen, the HITers have been rolling up sleeves and working hard. They are marching toward a century dream of a word-class university—— “Chinese characteristics, the world-class university and HIT Standards”.

New Semester, New Hope


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