Harbin Institute of Technology

HIT Organizes a Series of Activities to Celebrate International Working Women's Day

Updated: 2017/3/15

Reported by: Yan Mingxing
Photographed by: Feng Jian, Lan Rui, Huang Cong, Wang Liying
Translated by: Sun Jianyao
Edited by: Garrick Jones

The International Working Women's Day (March 8) comes as expected on a sunny spring day. HIT organized a series of activities for the female staff in order to give them a sweet, happy and relaxing holiday.

Every female faculty member who has a rest in the “Retiring Room of Faculty” in Zhengxin Building receives a surprise——a fluffy rooster mascot. In the lecture of “beautifying life and keeping health”, professional physicians bring the female faculty members the knowledge of the prevention and treatment of shoulder disorders. In the interesting carnival activities of “March 8” —— “charming women, style women” , the female faculty enjoy lots of interesting games, such as “Circle of Happiness”, “Happy Shooting”, “Smiling All the Time”, “Happy Moving”, and “Lucky Numbers”. In the cultural salon of female professors, there are varieties of displays such as baking, plaiting hair and wearing scarves highlighting the colorfulness of the “union home”. “Sweet Doctrine” Food Exhibitions such as Lady Food festival and exhibition prepare a various delicious food. Female staff experiential group sand table activities month, “March 8” reading activity and so on make the holiday full of fragrance of knowledge. In kindergarten, children make handicrafts for their mother and send best wishes.

In addition, many schools of HIT also have organized a variety of celebrations. The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, School of Architecture and some schools held fun games. The School of Transportation Science and Engineering held yoga health learning activities. The School of Management held a buffet party, scarves etiquette teaching and other activities.

“The care from the school makes us feel the warmth of home and love, and enhances our sense of ownership in the construction of strong college in one hundred years .” The female faculty members who participated in the activities said.

Health lecture

The surprise in teachers’ retiring room

Delicious food

Experiential group sand table activity

Songs and sweets in Female Professors Culture Salon

Wishes form children in the kindergarten

Colorful activities of the schools


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