Harbin Institute of Technology

HIT Three Grand Prizes for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scholarship of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) were Awarded to HIT Students

Updated: 2017/3/13

Reported by: Xiao Ke
Translated by: Qiao Xuechao
Edited by: Garrick Jones

Recently, the result of the first selection of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scholarship of MIIT was released. HIT students won 3 Grand Prizes, which includes the Grand Prize for Innovation Scholarship awarded to Wei Mingchuan who is a doctoral student in School of Aeronautics, and the Grand Prize for Entrepreneurship Scholarship which was respectively awarded by Harbin Wanzhou Welding Technology Limited Company (a team) and Leng Xiaokun, the founder of Harbin Leteng Intelligent Technology Limited Company.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scholarship of MIIT was founded for colleges and universities which are administrated by MIIT. The scholarship can be divided into two categories: "Innovation Scholarship" and "Entrepreneurship Scholarship". Innovation Scholarships will be awarded to the students, who got excellent results in the fields of academic innovation, subject competition and scientific and technological inventions. Entrepreneurship Scholarships will be awarded to the outstanding students in the field of independent entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial practice, etc, which aims to stimulate and guide the development of students. 28 teams and individuals from seven universities and colleges were selected to compete in the final, in which seven Grand Prizes of Innovation Scholarship and seven Grand Prizes of Entrepreneurship Scholarship were awarded.


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