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CCTV News Reporting: The Independently Developed Precise Reducer of HIT was Put into Production

Updated: 2017/3/24

Reported by: Xiao Wen
Translated by: Zhao Lingqi
Edited by: Garrick Jones

On the evening of March 17, the CCTV News gave a report on the precise reducer independently developed by HIT HRG, which enjoys the sole intellectual property. The news title was Independently Developed Precise Reducer Put into Production. It reported that HIT’s self developed precise reducer was put into production. As a core part for industrial robots, precise reducer production has long been controlled by foreign countries. Now, success will bring about a one third decrease in cost for industrial robots.
Reducers have long been restricted by foreign countries, resulting in the longstanding high cost of robots in China. It requires much more than the regular mechanical products in design, producing, assembly, and inspection, whose manufacturing process is involved with advanced technology as well as linked to a mix of several subjects such as materials, machinery, mechanics, mathematics, computer, electronics, controlling, and visual aspects. The precise Cycloidal gear reducer developed by HRG also is the first reducer with sole intellectual property, which has advantages in the large transmission ratio, high precision, high stiffness, and high power density. It can be applied in many fields such as medical equipment, tracking and GPS, pipe bending equipment, mechanical arm, turntable, and other automatic equipment. A Reducer is one of the most crucial parts for a robot. “It is like the arm of robots, making actions powerful and precise,” one researcher said.

According to the researcher, after being put into production, the purchase cost for manufacturing robots will be reduced by 50%, and it will solve the problem that domestic robot spare parts are greatly dependent on foreign imports. 

Screenshot of CCTV News

HIT Self-independent developed reducer on the World Robot Exhibition

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