Harbin Institute of Technology

12 Projects Approved in the Hong Kong & Macao & Mainland College Teachers and Students Exchange Program in 2017

Updated: 2017/4/7

Reported by: Chang Jiang
Translated by: Han Jie
Edited by: Garrick Jones

Recently, the Office for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs of the Ministry of Education issued the Reply to the approvals of holding the first batch of projects of the Hong Kong & Macao & Mainland College Teachers and Students Exchange Program in 2017 in Those Colleges (Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs [2017] No.12), and HIT has been approved of 12 projects and plans to receive 802Hong Kong and Macao students. The activities are mainly to invite Hong Kong and Macao college teachers and students to HIT and Russian partnership colleges and universities for cultural exchanges, academic researches and other activities.

As the first batch of project institutions from the Ministry of Education, since the implementation of the project in 2013, HIT has successively cooperated with 14 Hong Kong and Macao colleges and universities. With the support and guide of Ministry of Education, Office of Hang Kong, Macao and Taiwan of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, we forge the platforms of Small Satellite Scholars Exchange Camp, Sino-Russian Technology Institutes Alliance, Summer Course Learning and Social Service Practice to give full play to HIT characteristics of aerospace engineering and try the best to serve the exchange with teenagers from Hong Kong and Macao. The statistics shows that in 2016, HIT has organized a total of 1,075 teachers and students from 11 exchange groups from Hong Kong and Macao exchange activities.


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