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The Construction of World-class Disciplines Working Panel Guide Meeting Held in HIT

Updated: 2017/4/3

Reported by: Liu Zhongkui
Photographed by: Liu Zhongkui
Translated by: Han Jie
Edited by: Garrick Jones

On March 27th, HIT held the World-class Disciplines Working Panel Guide Meeting in room 220, of the Administrative Building. Principal Zhou Yu attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Vice President Ding Xuemei presided over the meeting.

President Zhou Yu put forward the requirements on the preparation of the construction of double world-classes discipline programs: firstly, we should attach great importance to raise awareness and enhance the sense of mission, sense of responsibility and urgency. "Double first-class" construction is another “major exam” for HITers who are facing following "Project 211” ," Project 985 " "2011 Collaborative Innovation Plan", and it is also related to the development and construction of HIT and it’s an important opportunity and challenge for us. We are the face the situation that the Ministry of Education is gradually diluting the status of " Project 985 " and " Project 211 " and emphasizing the reform trend of ability to competent to work both at the top and at the grass roots and performance appraisal; we are facing of a number of strong colleges and universities non-sponsored by " Project 985 "; we are in the face of a situation that provinces and cities have put up ideas and money to support the proposals of constructing the world-class performance  by Ministry, we must profoundly understand the grim situation and fierce competition we are faced with in the construction of "double world-class". We should earnestly strengthen the sense of urgency and responsibility of doing well in world-class subject assessment and in our discipline planning work and make ensure that a group of disciplines enter the Chinese list of constructing a "world-class discipline" to lay a solid foundation for such construction.

Secondly, we must continue to perfect discipline planning, strengthen the top design and concise discipline direction. More than a year later, our disciplines and top design have achieved success as well as great progress. Still some of the top designs of the subjects need to be further improved and the scientific planning of all disciplines needs to be further enhanced as well as the advance of discipline needs to be further enhanced to the prevent the "pushing back". Let’s adhere to the long-term views, focus on continuity with good usage of world-class disciplines opportunities to further highlight the characteristics of college operation in basis of aerospace, service for defense and advantages in engineering based on the original disciplinary planning, so that we can further show our advantages of combination of national innovation-driven development strategy and our own highlights, strengthen the education reserves in major scientific research direction and landmark results ahead, and promote the cutting-edge interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research direction and platform construction. As a result, the formation of world-class university to adapt to the distinctive characteristics of the disciplinary system is just around the corner, so that we can finish the "relay" of a good discipline layout and concise discipline direction of top design.

Thirdly, we must earnestly comprehend a series of important speeches of Xi Jinping on the construction of world-class universities, The Overall Plan of the Consideration of World-class Universities and Colleges and the World-class Disciplines of the State Council and The Implementation of Consideration to Promote World-class Universities and Colleges and the World-class Disciplines (temporary)  of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, the National Development and Reform Commission and promote the preparation of world-class discipline construction program put into practice. We must read carefully every detail of the documents and grasp the details of the document; we must understand well the construction, the implementation of the path, evaluation indicators and assessment methods, selection methods and time nodes; we must understand the support policies, foundation researches, applied researches, the depth of integration of production and research and the transformation of the results of national “double world-class” policy; we must understand the concept of new formulation, new requirements, adhering to the prominent features and playing the advantages and try our best to work with the concept of “countdown” to focus on time, concentration, energy and staff to ensure that we could a great plan, which shows the preparation that fully reflects the national “double world-class” construction requirements, the highlight of the characteristics and advantages of the HIT, in line with national innovation-driven development of major demand, the conformation to the forefront of international science and technology and the capability to lead the next 5 to 10 years to develop the discipline construction program.

Vice president Ding Xuemei introduced the background and significance of the preparation of world-class discipline construction program, and arranged the next step of discipline construction work. She hoped that the colleges and schools would complete the world-class discipline assessment work with excellent achievements, and actively promote the construction of world-class disciplines with new ideas, new methods and new directions, and start the construction of the dominant disciplines, science disciplines and backbone and support disciplines to strengthen the construction of cross-disciplinary and platform and deepen the institutional mechanism of innovation to build a world-class university as soon as possible.

At the meeting, the relevant requirements of the preparation of the world-class discipline construction program were introduced, and the recent progress of the fourth round of the national first-level discipline assessment was informed.
The person in charge of the office of discipline department, deans of the relevant colleges, the vice presidents in charge of the discipline construction and the relevant directors of first-level discipline attended the meeting.

President Zhou Yu delivering the speech

The Scene of the meeting


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