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Notice on holding the Third International Cultural Festival

Updated: 2017/4/14

Translated by: Qiao Xuechao
Edited by: Garrick Jones
Time: 2017/4/13

Notification to Hold the 3rd International Culture Carnival

To further enhance the influence and publicity of HIT international education, to promote the features of HIT international students’ education, to demonstrate HIT international students’ native culture and artistic charm, to propel communication and integration between Chinese and foreign students, and to facilitate the construction of an internationalized HIT, the School of International Education is preparing to hold the 3rd International Culture Carnival on 3, April 2017, the notification is as follows:

I. Time: 2017.06.03 10:00am-18:00pm

II. Place: Pedestrian street and the front area of the library in HIT No.1 District

III. Form:

1. Cultural Presentation. The sponsor will offer each country attending one stand to fully present their native features, tradition, customs, festivals and other cultural aspects through innovative ways. Through the presentation of native culture, cultural exchange among the different countries can be facilitated.

2. Talent Show. The stand will be equipped with stage and stereo. Any form of talent shows are welcomed.

IV. Registration

E-mail registration: fill in the application form (see the attachment), and send the form to the e-mail box:

Telephone registration: send “Name+Nationality+Telephone+Wechat Number+e-mail” to 13159879087 or 15104688770

V. Sponsors

This event is seeking sponsors and support from all sectors of society, specific issues can be consulted with teacher Feng (contact number: 86412741)

School of International Education


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