Harbin Institute of Technology

"Space create a better life" HIT held a series of activities to celebrate the China Aerospace Day

Updated: 2017/5/4

Reported by: Ji Xin
Translated by: Yu Tianyu
Photographed by: Lan Yue, Fen Jian, Huang Chong, Chen Longfei
Edited by: Garrick Jones

General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed when meeting astronauts and participants of Temple II and Shenzhou 11 manned flight mission: "The sky is vast and exploration is endless, only through constant innovation can the Chinese nation have a better future. "April 24, when "the second" China Aerospace Day “is arrived and in the theme of" space create a better life, the school held a series of celebrations.

In the morning, in the DianJi building square, school party secretary, Wang Shuquan, deputy secretary of the school party secretary Xiong Sihao, deputy secretary of the school party committee, vice president Zhang Hongtao, school party committee standing committee, propaganda minister Wu Songquan, assistant principal Peng Yuanke and teachers and students attended the theme of " Space create a better life "ceremony. In his speech, Zhang Hongtao recalled the history of the school and the Chinese space industry with the frequency of resonance and achievements in recent years, called on all the workers to continue writing space chapter, so that the ideal is higher and more faithful, the nation is more prosperous, and life is better. Teacher representative, Professor Wang Feng from Institute of Satellite Technology Institute of Astronautics introduced the situation of the HIT satellite, and expressed the confidence and determination of young scientific research workers joining the space industry. Student representatives, school students president Wang Jia’ning on behalf of the school students, issued a initiative of "advocating science, the courage to explore, dare to innovate” to the school students.

Astronautical Institute organized two activities, such as "30th anniversary of the collection of Dreams" and "Huang Wenhu academician report and academician memorial ceremony”, which attracted a large number of teachers and students to participate. This year coincides with the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Academy of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Du Shanyi academician, Chen Yushu academicians and other 30 teachers and students representative, has showed the succession of space spirit in the form of a torch relay. Liu Ning, deputy general manager of Aviation Industry Press, has come to the scene to give a speech. The Chinese Academy of Engineering scholar Yang Shicheng, Cai Hegao, Du Shanyi, Zhao Liancheng, Chen Yuzhen also came to the scene, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Huang Wenhu academician also came to the ceremony and made a report: "review of the past to meet our glorious future".

On the day of the Aerospace Day, there are a series of celebrations that made people dizzy. School unions and the Ministry of Sports held a launching ceremony to commemorate "China Aerospace Day" walking activities and 2017 "faculty and staff health and health development year". HIT organized a virtual reality experience of Shenzhou V for more than 30 students wearing virtual reality helmets. Using the Shenzhou V spacecraft virtual reality display platform, they "personally  experienced" the spacecraft from the whole process of the preparation before launch, launch, separation, and return. School Party Committee Propaganda Department invited ZAKER Harbin to lead the country who can not visit to check out the scene of the space lovers "visit" to HIT Big Space Museum by way of the live network feed. There were a total of 3.3 million users following the live broadcast close to the museum many high-tech exhibits. More than 40 teachers and students from Harbin South Road Primary School came to visit the space museum under the guidance of the our school volunteers and student instructors. Aerospace Institute held a "Qihang Cup" space knowledge contest. Student micro-nano satellite team members visited the HIT kindergarten, the satellite knowledge was shown to the children by wonderful video, image of the picture, vivid metaphor, which has sowed the seeds of space dream in their hearts ... ...

During the aerospace day, the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee, the Science and Technology Museum and the Museum also held the thematic exhibitions such as "Aerospace Alumni Aerospace", "HIT" and "China Aerospace", "Space to Create a Better Life".


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