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The 7th“ZuGuang Cup”Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Brought to a Successful Close

Updated: 2017/5/19

Reported by: Shang Yankai, Lan Yue
Photographed by: Shang Yankai, Lan Yue
Translated by: Han Jie
Edited by: Garrick Jones
Date: May 18th, 2017

On 6th May, after two months, the finals and closing ceremony of seventh "ZuGuang Cup" Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was held in HI Gymnasium. The School of Astronautics won the excellent team award of "ZuGuang Cup", School of Materials Science and Engineering and other six schools won the "Winning Cup"; " Artificial hair - skin sensor based on bionic structure" and other eight projects won the Gold Award. Another 18 works were awarded the Silver Award and 27 works won the Bronze Award; " Intelligent logistics and distribution system based on multi-functional climbing car " won the new "Kunshan Special Award". President Zhou Yu attended the event and delivered a speech. The Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wang Zicai served as the chairman of the competition jury and awarded the award for the representatives of excellent students.

President Zhou Yu on behalf of HIT to extent his congratulations to the award-winning individuals and groups. He said that the University held the "ZuGuang Cup" Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition which aims to attract and mobilize more students to participate in the initials of “Public entrepreneurship and innovation”, to enhance the innovative and practical ability of masses of students. After visiting the works of those students, he had a deep impression and found that the HIT students have endless innovation potential. He hoped that students can maintain their passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, and strive to grow into a model for innovation and entrepreneurship.

President Zhou Yu pointed out that innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for the development of a nation and country. China currently vigorously promotes the innovation-driven development strategy and witnesses the rapid development and progress of China's higher education. So we should closely follow the development and progress of the times, keeping up with the development trend of higher education in the world and China's higher education reform, and attach great importance to teachers' technological innovation and students’ innovation. We also hope that we could cherish such an opportunity in history when innovative vitality, innovation potential and innovation ability are stronger than at any other time, consciously integrating the tide of professional learning and innovation and entrepreneurship together, consciously integrated into the era of innovation and entrepreneurship tide, and pay more attention to the cultivation of innovative ideas and practical ability including scientific and technological innovation, ideological innovation, and innovation in other aspects.

President Zhou Yu stressed that both innovation and entrepreneurship are a responsibility. At present, no matter in central or in local, they both have attached great importance to the transformation of the achievements of Harbin Institute of Technology students, attention to the innovation and entrepreneurship of HITers, and provide all aspects of policy and support, hoping that the students could use the knowledge learned, characters formed and will tempered in HIT and transform the HIT’s Accuracy & Proficiency to the learning and working in life. They should always adhere to innovation, the pursuit of excellence, the HIT’s Accuracy & Proficiency, inheritance HIT’s spirit, learning to Qian Xuesen and Ma Zuguang, so that to make new and greater contributions to the economic development and social progress spirit with innovation.

Before the closing ceremony, President Zhou Yu and his party watched the show of students' innovative achievements, and exchanged views on how to carry out scientific and technological innovation better, how to promote the transformation of innovation and industrialization and other issues with those students.

It is reported that the "ZuGuang Cup" Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition named after the academician Ma Zuguang, initiated by the HIT Communist Youth League in 2010, co-sponsored by the Undergraduate and Graduate Affairs Office, aiming at calling on the students to learn from Ma Zuguang who studied assiduously and scaled the heights of science bravely. There are hundreds of creative innovation and entrepreneurship entries registered in the "ZuGuang Cup" Competition every year, the participants cover the undergraduates, graduates and Ph.D candidates of all the schools. After eight years of development, "ZuGuang Cup" Competition has become the recommended basis for a number of national innovation and entrepreneurship competition and projects shows.

The Competition started in March this year with a total of 268 entries signed, including 41 led by doctoral students. A total of 211 works reached in the finals, including 30 from Creative Group, 148 from “Innovation Group” and 33 from “Business Group”, covering machinery and control, information technology, energy and chemical industry, Bioscience, mathematical, sociology, law and other professional fields.

At the closing ceremony, the third "ZuGuang Cup" Gold Award project "self-support friction stir welding new method" team representatives and the fifth "ZuGuang Cup" Gold Award project "lilac" micro-nano satellite team representatives shared their innovation and entrepreneurial experience and success. The competition sitting organizer, the School of Astronautics and the next competition organizer, the School of Material Science and Engineering held the flag handover ceremony.
President Assistant Peng Yuankui, representatives from Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone and the relevant person in charge of the University attended the closing ceremony.

President Zhou Yu watched the students' innovative achievements and exchanged ideas with those students

The Closing Ceremony

The Awarding Ceremony

The Group Photo

Students innovation and entrepreneurship achievements


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