Harbin Institute of Technology

Postgraduate Team Sports Meeting—All in One Heart and Happy to No Limit

Updated: 2017/5/26

Reported by: Liu Zhongkui
Photograph by: Su Hang, Wang Hantao, Pang Guotao
Translated by: Qiao Xuechao
Edited by: Garrick Jones
Time: 2017/5/26

Intertwined with dynamic figures, collaborative paces, unbridled youth, burning passion and hearty laughter, the Postgraduate Team Sports Meeting presented a brilliant visual feast.

On May 24, the “Tongxin Cup” Postgraduate Team Sports Meeting was held at the HIT gymnasium. Team events of “Collaboration and Tackling” (relays with barriers), “Devotion and Dedication” (ladder of ten people), “Exploration and Innovation” (ten people who standing with two feet), “All Rivers Run into Sea” (tug of war in four directions) took turns to process. The postgraduates form groups or teams of several people. They helped each other in a concerted effort, competing with themselves to scale new heights bravely. The struggling, the yelling, the persistence and the cheers they made are all presenting the deep spirit of “enlivening the years of postgraduate study with one heart”, which also inspires the students coordinately and corporately to forge ahead while carrying their dreams.


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