Harbin Institute of Technology

The First Mini-Marathon Began in Rain

Updated: 2017/5/21

Reported by: Shang Yankai
Translated by: Pang Yue
Edited by: Garrick Jones
Date: May 16, 2017

May 14th, 2017, was a memorable day, when the staff and students in HIT had their vewry own marathon event, our first mini-marathon began in light rain. The Secretary of School Party Committee Wang Shuquan attended the opening ceremony and fired shots for the match. Almost 1300 staff and students experienced the pleasure in the running, and measured the distance from the first district to science park by foot.

Though the event began an hour late due to the weather, although the enthusiasm of the players was not affected. Many people came to the front of the library much earlier to sign up and get their identification tag as well as sportswear. The journalist found out that the eldest participant was 61 years old. The participants cover undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral holders of all grades, among whom are the overseas students from different countries such as Russia, South Korea and India. On the spot, some retired teachers and children signed up for the game one after another.

Zhang Hongtao, the deputy secretary of the school party committee, the vice president and the chairman of the union of HIT made the opening remarks. He pointed out that marathon, a popular sport event, was conducted broadly since its enrollment, with over a 1000 people signing up for the game. The health of each one relates not only the happiness of both the individual and household but also the need for HIT to become a world-level university, China to be strong and prosperous and realizing Chinese dream with great rejuvenation. We should commit to exercising, actually putting the theory of “exercising for an hour to work healthy for 50 years and live happily for life” into practice to make a strong body and let doing exercise be a kind of lifestyle.

The assistant of the president of HIT Peng Yuankui, relevant function departments and heads of college attended the opening ceremony.

It is known that the participants of the game started from the square front of the electrical and mechanical engineering building, along with Siling Street, Fanrong Street, Xiaoyuan street, the stadium and science park to the middle point of 2H building and returned back with the whole journey of 6.5 kilometers. The game didn’t set up rankings, and participants who finished the game in 50 minutes obtained a commemorative medal and certification; any dormitory which signed up for and finished the game got a collective honorary commendation and gifts.

At 10 o’clock, when the starting gun was fired, the staff and students of HIT started in order, running in the run along the set route, with cheers from the audience. At halfway, each participant got a commemorative bracelet and volunteers gave them water. After replenishing their energy, the participants all managed to run towards the finish point. Finally, Zhao Jian, a teacher of the department of physical education was the first to finish the game, with a time of 18 minutes and 30 seconds, which was written in the history of mini-marathon of HIT. Later, participants finished the game and got their commemorative medals. Everyone smiled, and people all took photos with their phones to record this wonderful moment. As estimated, there are 932 people who won the commemorative medal and 73 dormitories who won the collective credit award.

Huang Lujun, the secretary of Youth League Committee of HIT, finished the whole course. He said that exercise and study are of equal importance. He hoped that through this game, more staff and students can be involved in sports, enhance confidence, build a strong will and achieve the happiness of growth in challenging oneself and ones limits. Meanwhile, he also gave expectation to students in HIT to enhance understanding of the campus, raise the consciousness of loving HIT and trying their best to highlight HIT to put themselves into the study and life more energetically by measuring the distance of HIT in the game.

Quyong Cuomu, the school counselor in the department of basic science, sent the photo of the game to her Wechat first and got a lot of praise. It was her first time to attend marathon game as a runner. She said that it’s wonderful to be with my teachers and my students. She hoped that more similar activities can be held in future to attract more students to come off the Internet and dormitory to the playground and form a good life habit.

Just like Quyong Cuomu, many participants also felt rewarded. Wang Xiaoyu, a teacher of the college of science said: “though I’m not as energetic as students, I still persist in the game. The mini-marathon can let people get far away from cellphones and warn students to enhance exercise, which is very meaningful.” Wang Jixiang, a student in School of Economics and Management said: “ though there are no rankings in the game, we can make many friends with same interest. We can make an appointment with each other to exercise together and encourage each other.”

The opening ceremony

Photos of the game

Celebrate victory after the game


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