Harbin Institute of Technology

Descriptions of HIT Sports Meeting: Youth Flies with Sports

Updated: 2017/6/7

Reported by: Liu Wenkui
Translated by: Zhang Guangju
Edited by: Garrick Jones
Date: May 31, 2017

HIT reports. This is a May of plenty blooming lilacs. An air of youth is flying on the playground. There, lots of young people build their dreams with sweat, and struggle for medals. Their spirits make them skillful. On May 26 and 27, HIT held its 54th Sports Meeting. Numerous HIT students and staffs applauded and worked hard for this meeting. HIT leaders, Wang Shuquan, Zhou Yu, Ding Xuemei, Zhang Hongtao, Cai Jujin, Guo Bin, An Shi, Wu Songquan, a member of HIT standing committee of the CPC, and president assistanct Peng Yuankui attended the opening ceremony and presented awards for “Sunshine Sports” advanced agencies and “Top Ten” sportsmen.

The competition is a shining visual feast of power and passion. Athletes in the 100m race run in a speed as fast as flash, crossing the finish line within seconds. A shot-putter throws his shot in a beautiful flying arc and the shot lands afar. As light as a swallow, one high-jumper clears obstacles one by one. In 10,000-meter race, athletes chase each other in determined spirit, narrowing the left length of the competition circle by circle. A hurdle runner runs like a tiger. With enormous power, he runs and jumps and within seconds, he crosses the finishing line…

School leaders also visit competition sites. They attended the games running with a ball, and share sport happiness with teachers and students. There was a lot of entertainment too: basketball, two-men-three-feet, rope-skipping, backed with a ball, hula-hoop, etc. and all these have brought great joy for teachers and students. Dong dong dong, the drums roll; Hu rah hu rah, flags wave. Cheer teams present great shows and win the applause of the audience.

After the sunset, the two-day bustling playground quietens down. With great happiness, students and teachers step on their new dreams and start again on the journey of realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The opening ceremony

National flag raising ceremony

Presenting awards

HIT leaders

Group performance

The race course

Model aircraft performance


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