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“Traveling Around the World”in HIT Campus with International Cultural Carnival Highlighting “Belt and Road”

Updated: 2017/6/8

“Traveling Around the World”in HIT Campus with International Cultural Carnival Highlighting “Belt and Road”

Reported by: Yan Mingxing
Translated by: Pang Yue
Edited by: Garrick Jones
Date: June 5, 2017

With songs, laughter and music echoing throughout HIT, international students with different colors, nations and languages, dressing in costumes with their own cultural characteristics, presented their special things such as foods, clothes and artifacts, which exerted a great draw on teachers and students passing by. On June 3rd, in the side street, various distinctive national cultures exchanged and integrated with each other, forming a grand international cultural carnival. The followings are the pictures of the third international cultural carnival this year, with more than 2000 students from 120 countries both at home and abroad presenting colorful cultures around the world. Wang Shuquan——the secretary of the party committee of HIT, Ren Nanqi——vice president of HIT,and relative leaders from the provincial education department and municipal foreign affairs office attended the event and pushed the button of the ball to start the activity.

Joined by both Chinese and foreign students from different countries, the song and dance show “speedy success” was the start of the carnival this time. The lively background music, songs full of joy and happy smile on faces of people with different colors showed the happiness and excitement of people in the carnival. There were many wonderful performances with various types dazzling people such as the charming Cheongsam show, the pretty national dance, the dynamic song from the rock band and the mysterious magic show. Though there were drizzles sometimes, the energy and vitality of people wasn’t influenced.

In the meanwhile, at the other side of the arena were the exhibition centers of different countries. Each exhibition center was like a small window, which showed the unique culture of one country. To give others a better understanding of their own culture, international students tried whatever they could such as food, music and dance, leaving people deep impression. Seen from a distance, many people crowded into each exhibition hall. Moreover, foreign teachers from countries such as the United States, Russia, New Zealand, Ukraine and Japan presented the traditional customs of their countries as well as their working and living circumstances in China. Also, they gave performances such as Tai Chi, songs and dances. Besides teachers and students in HIT, many students from other universities or colleges in Heilongjiang Province and citizens who were interested in foreign culture including children and the aged also came to the event, and they were greatly impressed by the atmosphere of the carnival.

the live scene of the opening ceremony

pushing the button of the ball to start the event

the live scene with colorful activities


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