Harbin Institute of Technology

The Fifth Ph.D. Candidates’ Group Wedding Held in HIT

Updated: 2017/6/14

Reported by: Bao Wenlin (Graduate Students’ Affairs Department)
Photographed by: Lan Rui, Li Jiaqi, Liu Yang
Translated by: Han Jie
Edited by: Garrick Jones
Date: June 7, 2017

Lovely couples in HIT are not willing to just tumble merrily about in the water; the love for country and home should as that of birds flying in the sky. On June 4, the Fifth Ph.D. Candidates’ Group Wedding was held in the school gymnasium for 64 couples who were full of enthusiasm for their Alma mater. Wang Shuquan, the secretary of the party committee of HIT, as the chief witness at the wedding ceremony issued a commemorative certificate to couples. Principal Zhou Yu wrote an inscription for couples “Mandarin ducks integrated into good couplings, and couples walk a hundred years together with harmony.”

At 8:58, the new couples joined their lives together in holy matrimony before Ding Xuemei, vice principal, Zhang Hongtao, deputy secretary of party Committee of HIT and vice principal, Wu Songquan, member of the standing Committee of HIT and the head of Department of Publicity of HIT, Peng Yuankui, the principal assistant, and leaders, tutors and friends of relevant departments, and formed the words of "HIT 97" as a gift for HIT’s 97th anniversary. The sand painting of the moving stories of 3 middle-aged teacher couples who are dedicated to sticking to the pulpit and leading students to the cutting edge of technology hand in hand was played at the wedding scene. They explained the charm and glory of HIT couples with love, and their stories of cultivating students, concentrating on studies and managing housework diligently moved the audiences.

In her speech, Ding Xinmei hoped that the new couples could cherish good memories, bearing in mind to be patient and to not forget to appreciate their parents. She also mentioned that they should hold lofty ideals in mind, and link the family's happiness and social harmony closely as well as their personal achievements and national development. Professor Feng Yujie of School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering on behalf of the doctoral tutors expressed wishes to those new couples of a happy marriage and a successful career and to give more excellent results back to their country and Alma mater.

The new couples’ stories interpreted the valuable HIT love: walking in the morning along the pedestrian zone, being together in the afternoon in the stadium, the bright lights at night library, the late moonlight at the science park...... the light of scientific research on the dark , the mixed emotions and flavors of life, and the trifles in love -- they understand and fell in love with each other, and their learning path, classmates love are as long as their love; they help each other encourage each other, partner love, and love for the country are as long as love can be. All the new couples swore their everlasting love to each other before the teachers and relatives -- hand in hand to build a dream accompanied by each other; striving for being first-class and united in a concerted effort with their Alma mater; pursuit of excellence, catching up with the times simultaneously; looking at the world stepping together with the motherland. They will bear in mind the responsibility and mission, integrate ideas, career and happiness into the country, the nation and the development of the times. They would live up to the trust, cast and inherit the honor and glory of HIT.

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