Harbin Institute of Technology

CHEN Baosheng, the Minister of the Ministry of Education and Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group, Conducted a Survey at HIT

Updated: 2017/6/14

Reported by: ZHANG Yan
Photographed by: LAN Rui
Translated by: REN Shaorui
Edited by: Garrick Jones
Date: June 7, 2017

On the afternoon of June 5th, CHEN Baosheng, the Minister of the Ministry of Education, and his entourage conducted a survey at HIT in the company of SONG Demin, the Director of the General Office of the Ministry of Education, LIU Zicheng, the Director of the Department of Comprehensive Reforms, WANG Dinghua, the Director of the Division of Teachers’ Affairs as well as SUN Dongsheng, the Deputy Governor of Heilongjiang Province, XU Mei, the Provincial Party Committee Secretary of the Colleges and Universities, Provincial Education Department Director, and Provincial Party Secretary, and WANG Jingquan, the Secretary of HIT Party Committee.

CHEN Baosheng and his entourage first came to the Space Robot Research Laboratory of State Key Laboratory of Robot Technologies and Systems and China-German Space Robot Joint Technology Laboratory, listened to the report of LIU Hong who is a Distinguished Professor in Cheung Kong Scholars, a Distinguished Expert of the Thousand Talents Program of the Central Organization Department, an Assistant to HIT President and the Dean of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. CHEN Baosheng expressed his high appreciation of LIU’s efforts that the space dexterous manipulator system whose development was presided over by the Professor has been successfully applied in the Tiangong-2 space laboratory, and China-German Space Robot Joint Technology Laboratory whose formation the Professor is responsible for has been identified as the National Space Robot Base for International Cooperation by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2016. Also, CHEN watched with interest the on-site demonstration of snake robots, multi-functional operating tools, and dexterous hands, all of which were developed by the State Key Laboratory of Robot Technologies and Systems. After the introduction from Professor DU Zhijiang about the advantages and prospects of the all-in-one surgical robot which has received EU patents, CHEN fully affirmed and encouraged the staff concerned to actively promote the clinical trials for its early application to clinical surgery.

The winner of the first National Innovation and Competition Medal was the technological innovation team for special environmental composites and research institute for composites and their structures. Professor ZHANG Xinghong, the director of this institute, gave CHEN and his entourage an introduction of the team construction, the major disciplines and the symbolic achievements. On the display wall of the hall on the first floor of this institute, there are some materials about a group of famous experts from this team who specialized in composites. Both the academician DU Shanyi and the academician HAN Jiecai are the representatives of the group. This research team is a well-known one both at home and abroad with strong innovation abilities. CHEN thinks highly of the group. He had the detailed understanding of many deeds about the team. For example, this team has done painstaking research and solved key technology problems in such three core fields as thermal protection systems and materials, light materials and structures, multi-functional materials and devices. By communicating with front line researchers, CHEN got the information about their latest research progress. He encouraged them to continue to carry forward the the spirit of manned spaceflight of toughness, braveness, resourcefulness and devotion for making greater contributions to the development of China aerospace industry with targets, confidence and efforts.

Relevant leaders of provincial government and provincial education department conducted a survey in company of the deputy presidents HAN Jiecai and DING Xuemei.

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