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Difficult-to-deform Superalloy Plate Precision Forming Joint Laboratory Unveiled

Updated: 2017/7/3
Reported by: Liu Peixiang
Photographed by: Liu Peixiang
Translated by: Han Jie
Edited by: Garrick Jones
Date: June 19th, 2017

The Difficult-to-deform Superalloy Plate Precision Forming Joint Laboratory co-formed by HIT and the AECC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials was founded in Beijing recently. Dali Shenglong, the dean of the Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, and Guo Bin, the vice president of HIT jointly unveiled the laboratory.

Wang Yajun, the secretary of the Party Committee of the Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, recalled the cooperation between the Institute and HIT, and hoped that the two sides will work closely with key technologies and basic research in the “aero-engine & gas turbine” areas to make greater contributions to China's aviation engine business.

Dai Shenglong introduced the development direction and main achievements of the Institute, and indicated that the joint laboratory will build a new platform for deep cooperation. The two sides will be still deepen their strategic cooperation in basic research, personnel training and achievement transformation.

Guo Bin said that Harbin Institute of Technology adheres to the basis of aerospace, service defense, and the national economy, and has maintained close relations of cooperation with the Institute of Aeronautical Materials. He believes that the joint laboratory will form complementary advantages and collaborative research in key technology and basic research of aviation engine sheet metal forming, to meet the urgent needs of engine model development and “aero-engine & gas turbine” progress.

It is understood that the joint laboratory will boost the development of aircraft engine sheet metal structure forming technology, and train and increase the number of sheet metal precision forming field leaders and backbones, in order to promote the development of China's aviation engine application technology. The reports were conducted on the basis and requirements of the joint laboratories on the ceremony.

Related people in charge of Institute of Aeronautical Materials and the state key laboratories participated in the unveiling ceremony.

Unveiling Ceremony


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