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The Nobel Laureate in Physics Professor David Gross and Others Visited HIT

Updated: 2017/8/25

Reported by: Ji Xing
Translated by: Pang Yue
Edited by: Garrick Jones
Date: August 20, 2017

From August 17th to 19th, the Nobel Laureate professor David Gross, professor Han Tao of School of Physics and Astronomy of University of Pittsburgh and others visited HIT.

During the visit, David Gross and others listened the introduction of progress in research on large scientific installations and then gave their advice and suggestions. At the closing ceremony of the 8th CUPT, David Gross delivered the wonderful speech entitled “my physics career-from quark to string” and awarded certificates of honor and prizes for winners. As the current chairman of APS, David Gross also gave a frontier lecture entitled “fundamental physics in the future” to teachers and students in HIT, elaborating the present situation of modern physics and its development and introducing the positive influence of physics on modern science and technology, especially that in the future. Moreover, David Gross and others also attended the ceremonial activities of personal deeds of Museum of Jewish History and Culture in Harbin and had a meeting with teachers and students in the department of physics of HIT.

David Gross is a president and professor of theoretical physics of UCSB. In high energy physics, he was awarded noble prize in physics in 2004 due to his significant contribution of the finding of asymptotic freedom of quark in strong interaction. In 2016, he was authorized the chairman of APS. And in 2014, from September 10 to 12, David Gross was employed as the honorary professor and the adviser of Advisory Committee of big science project of HIT.

Professor Han Tao was one a professor in the department of physics of UW-Madison and the dean of elementary particle institute. Now, he is a professor of the department of physics and astronomy of PITT and the dean of the research center of particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology.

In 2014, from September 10 to 12 during the visit to HIT, Professor Han Tao was employed as the chief academic adviser of HIT.

David Gross and others visited HIT


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The Nobel Laureate in Physics Professor David Gross and Others Visited HIT