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Professor MA Wins 2013 Excellence in Review Award

Updated: 2013/12/4

Reported by: XIAO Ke
Translated by: WANG Ying
Edited by: Jennifer Taylor

Recently, in the environment field, the top international journal Environmental Science & Technology selected more than 30 reviewers who had made an important contribution to ensuring the excellence of papers from more than 5,000 global reviewers participating in this periodical review, and granted them 2013 Excellence in Review Awards. In China, two people received this award. One was Professor MA Jun from School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering at HIT.

The journal Environmental Science & Technology of the American Chemical Society (ACS) is involved in water treatment, water environment, air pollution, solid waste, soil, noxious pollutants, environmental health, environmental chemistry, environmental biology, environmental geography, environment physics and climate change. It is a comprehensive academic journal and the most influential international journal in the field of ecological environment (Impact factor 5.26).

Professor MA’s main research direction is the pretreatment and advanced treatment of drinking water. He has developed a number of key technologies with independent Intellectual Property and won more than 70 patents for inventions. He has published more than 60 papers, which are included in the Science Citation Index, in academic journals with impact factor more than 4. The research results are widely used in water purification projects, and have played an important role in dealing with emergencies in major water pollution. He has previously won the Chinese Young Scientist Award and the Changjiang Scholar Award (Engineering Science Award). He has undertaken review work for more than 30 journal papers. Two doctoral students he supervised were nominated for the National Hundred Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations prize and two students received nomination for the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award.


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