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HIT Students Win Award in International Vertex Design Competition

Updated: 2013/12/23

Reported by: YANG Huajing
Photographed by: FENG Jian, WANG Binsheng
Translated by: WANG Ying
Edited by: Jennifer Taylor

November 24 to 30, invited by Korea University, a delegation of our school’s teachers and students went to Korea to participate in the 2013 International Vertex Design Competition. The "Lunar Rover" jointly developed by junior student ZHANG Huang of the School of Mechatronic Engineering and junior student KANG Ruipeng from the School of Astronautics won praise from majority of the judges and won the only Gold Award of this event through a dancing performance of “Gangnam Style”. In the opening ceremony, ZHAO Yaqin, Vice-director of School of Electronics and Information Engineering and relevant experts and scholars from Chung-Ang University, Shibaura Institute of Technology and Tokyo Denki University introduced the basic situation and the characteristics of each school’s innovation education.

The project relied on HIT’s Contest Robot Team. The "Lunar Rover" robot can perform some of the basic actions of the real Lunar Rover. In remote mode, you can use a laptop or mobile phone to control robots remotely via the mobile Internet. The audio and video captured by the camera on the robot’s head can be transmitted to the user via a wireless network router, which allow users to truly appreciate the feeling of the manipulation of "Lunar Rover". To increase the level of fun and interactivity, the team also gives "Lunar Rover" some more interesting functions. In autonomous mode, the robot can recognize moving objects, turn its head, wave and greet. Its own internal audio and video memorizer can achieve program actions including playing music and dancing.

The event was organized by the Korean Ministry of Education. More than 100 colleges and universities from China, Japan, Korea and other countries were invited to participate. HIT sent five students’ teams to participate in the exhibitions and competitions. Eight teachers from the Undergraduate School, the Department of International Cooperation and other relevant departments engaged in innovation and entrepreneurship education management accompanied the teams. During the visit in Korea, the delegation visited Sungkyunkwan University, Korea University and Pusan National University. They also visited relevant education bases and laboratory and held discussions with the relevant personnel. They investigated the situation of education in colleges and universities of Korea and promoted student exchanges between schools.

HIT participating students display project at the competition.
The Gold Award-"Lunar Rover"

HIT teachers visiting relevant education bases and laboratories.


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