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HIT Students win Grand Prize in Entrepreneurship Simulation Contest

Updated: 2014/6/25

Reported by: ZHONG Kui
Photographed by: JING Guan  
Translated by: LI Zhijia
Edited by: Jennifer Taylor

May 10 to 11, the “Learning Innovation Cup" 2014 National Undergraduate Business Innovation Comprehensive Simulation Contest final was held at Chongqing Technology and Business University. Students from School of Management of HIT WANG Jixiang, WANG Zhenyao , and HE Xin were in the team “HIT Dreamer” and won the grand prize. XU Jianhui won the award of "Outstanding Instructor”.

The competition was organized by the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center. Including Peking University and Renmin University of China, a total of 287 universities and 1082 teams participated in the competition. After school level preliminary contests and the national regional tournaments, 60 teams entered the final. The final was divided into two parts, "Business Plan" evaluation and software simulation. “Business Plan” was selected by professional judges based on integrity, specific nature and enforceability. The software simulation was operated on the system of Interstellar Vehicle ISV Venture Star. The participating teams competed with each other by simulating the operation of a company’s process of research, development and production.

Before the contest, the HIT team tried their best to communicate with the students who have participated in the competition last year and learn from their experience. To enhance their capabilities, they also participated in other universities' online competition. In the final, they worked calmly and closely, and ultimately won the grand prize.

“HIT Dreamer” team working in the contest.


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