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HIT Team wins the first prize in the 5th HIT Construction Contest

Updated: 2014/7/4

Reported by: JIAN Zhu
Photographed by: JIAN Zhu
Translated by: JIA Yingxue
Edited by: Jennifer Taylor

June 7, HIT School of Architecture hosted the 5th HIT Construction Contest. This contest aims to stimulate students' creative potential and strengthen their understanding of spatial construction, thus improving their professional skills. 53 teams consisting of about 400 students from universities including HIT, Dalian University of Technology, Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Jilin Jianzhu University and Harbin University of Science and Technology participated in the contest. The HIT 2013 Class 1 of the School of Architecture won the first prize. 

The theme of the contest is “corrugated board as a building material.” It requires each team to build 3D model within a 3m × 3m space. The model should based on their own designs and consist just of corrugated board with the necessary connections. HIT School of Architecture Vice Dean SUN Cheng attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. HIT School of Architecture Vice Dean HAN Yanjun explained the requirements. Each team then began their eight and a half-hour construction in their own space. At 16:30, cardboard buildings of different styles, using various construction methods and based on different principles were presented in the venue. Judges walked among the various buildings to experience the sense of space. They listened to each team’s design concepts and building methods. They selected one team as the first prize, two teams as the second prize, five teams as the third prize and ten teams as the excellent prize.

The HIT Construction Contest has been successfully held five times by HIT School of Architecture. The number of participants in this contest reached record level this year. It was also the first time to invite teams from other Schools of Architecture to the contest. The team members developed preliminary design drawings, then the 1:2.5 test models, and finally, they built their 1:1 buildings with corrugated boards. Through the whole task, students learnt and mastered the concepts and the process of construction. They developed their architectural design abilities.

HIT School of Architecture Vice Dean SUN said: “The HIT School of Architecture will learn from the experience of this contest. We will facilitate academic exchanges with other schools and universities to learn from each other and achieve mutual benefit cooperation, so that we can develop construction professionals to contribute to the development of HIT,”

A team at work during the contest

 The contest venue during construction.

 Group photo of HIT’s first place winning team. 

The first prize construction.


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