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HIT wins Robot Olympic Games

Updated: 2014/9/24
Reported By: HU Quanlong, JI Xing LIU, Yangyang
Photographed By: Quanlong, JI Xing LIU, Yangyang
Translated By: HU Yujia
Edited By: Jonathan Wylie
“The ‘player’ from yellow team is rapidly advancing the ball from the back court to the other half, he is getting rid of opposing‘players’! Now he is dashing into the goal area! Shooting! Goal! ” However, theis game scene is not one of those from the2014 Brazil World Cup, it is from the game site of “The HIT Cup”—The 16th National Robot Championship and 5th International Humanoid Robot Olympic Games. During the games, HIT teams won atotal of ten championships.
From July 28th to 30th, over 400 students from nearly 60 colleges come to HIT tocompete with each other fiercely in41 kinds of event within three major categories: wheeled mobile robot, humanoid robot and innovative robot. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, CAI Hegao, and HIT Assistant President XU Xiaofei give opening speeches at the conference.
Humanoid robots danced with the music of the dynamic "Gangnam Style" and an unrestrained Beethoven Symphony, which livened up the atmosphere of the opening show. Through interviews, many students said that they have prepared for the competition since last year. Moreover, some of them even startedfrom scratch, they carried out their independent design step by step, towards their own dream. They felt very proud and pleased to bring their effort to fruition in participating in the championship.
While there were exciting athletic events such as football, basketball, golf, taekwondo, boxing, fencing, wrestling, horizontal bar, tumbling, balance beam, sprint, marathon and steeplechase, there were other unique events in the competition, such as, a picking up trash race, shuffling plates race, a pulling race and other service projects, which were very popular among the audience. Not only that, this competition also added a creative class project, in order to bring new products to the enterprise through the games.
“I believe that, robot culture will change the human way of life, at the same time, it will also make contributions to the coming of a ‘Robots Generation’ in which humans and robots can coexist.” Academician CAI pointed out that new cultural arts combined withhigh-tech robots and traditional culture have made important contributionsto not only key technology and industrial development, but also in areas ofsocial development, such as, robot education, sports, arts, entertainment, and services.

The audience takes photos of dancing robots.

Dancing robots at the opening show.

Robots participate in a boxing match.

Robots compete in shooting the ball.

Site of a robot football game.

Site of robot racing.

A child takes a photo with a robot.

The audience gets an up close look at some robots.

The robot race is popular among audience members of all ages

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