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HIT wins medals at the Ninth China Graduate Electronic Design Contest

Updated: 2014/9/30
Photographed by :XUN Jingwen
Translated by: YANG Yue
Edited by: Jonathan Wylie
The Ninth ‘Huawei Bei’ China Graduate Electronic Design Contest finals were held at Xidian University from August 18th to 20th.      Seven teams from HIT competed in the final on behalf of the Northeast zone and they achievedhonorable results. One of the seven teams won first prize, two teams won second prize, and another won third prize. The number of the winners from HITwas the highest among all universities in China.

The China Graduate Electronic Design Contest is a national andinnovative activity intended for graduate students. The aims of the contest are to improve the ability to design an electronic system through the fundamental theory of electronic information, as well as to develop awareness of innovation and the spirit of cooperation. The contest was established in 1996 and has been heldeight times. The China Graduate Electronic Design Contest, one of the theme contests of the “series of activities of national graduate innovative practice”, is jointly organized by the China Academic Degrees Graduate Education Development Center, the National Graduate Education Steering Committee for Engineering Degrees and the Chinese Institute of Electronics. This contest consists of preliminaries and finals, with 764 teams from 148 colleges and universities participating in preliminaries, among which more than 400 people out of 116 teams from 67 universities competed in the finals. 
The preliminaries of the contest were held in seven zones, including the:Northeast, Northwest, Southwest, East, South, North, and Central areas of the nation. HIT’s graduate electronic design automation innovation base and the Graduate School of Electrical Engineering hosted the Northeast Division preliminaries, seven out of 21 teams of students were selected on behalf of the Northeast Division to participate in the final. By Professor ZHU Chunbo guiding graduate ZHANG Jiantao, GUO Zongzhi, TIAN Hao's work "moving car wireless charging device" won the group first prize; Professor DAI Jingmin guiding graduate YUAN Liang,  WANG Yiqiao, GUO Xiaoman and Professor REN Wanbinguiding graduate students CHANG Cheng, DU Yingwei, JIN Jianbing won the team second prize; QIU Xiaoming, GONG Shengyang, WANG Bing, YIN Liang, WANG Yumin, ZHAO Xing, GUO Chao, SUN Hang, LIU Lu and YAO Tingting, XUMingyuan, XU Dongdong four teams won the team third prize. ZHANG Jiantao won the individual second prize, Professor ZHU Chunbo won the "excellent teacher" title.

Winners pose for a photo at the awards ceremony

The team won the first prize

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