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HIT team wins China Undergraduate Physicists’ Tournament

Updated: 2014/9/30
Reported By: School of Science
Photographed By: School of Science
Translated By: HU Yujia
Edited By: Jonathan Wylie
From August 18th to 23rd, Huazhong University of Science & Technology hosted the Fifth China Undergraduate Physicists’ Tournament (CUPT). The team from HIT entered the final after winning all five group stages, and finally won the only top award. 
Thirty-nine teams from 38 “985” and “211” universities entered the contest. The HIT teamconsisted of six sophomores from the Department of Physics. They are GENG Yong, WANG Pengfei, ZHONG Hui, XIN Jian, ZHAO Zhonghai and XIAO Zhensheng, whowere drawn from each branch of the winning team in the Third CUPT. Before the school contest, they have worked for more than six months using their holidays and spare time. They also worked more than a month during the sprint phase, after the school contest. With their effort, they won the five group stages in Wuhan and finally claimed the championship.
CUPT is a national tournament following the model of the International Young Physicists’Tournament. With support from the Ministry of Education of PRC, in order to cultivate the contestants' innovative consciousness, ability, team spirit and practical ability, the CUPT has become an important innovation contest for college students to put into practice theireducation and experience long-term development planning. The contest is in the form of ateam battle, including 17 questions announced one year in advance, for participating members doing relevant scientific research. The contest is divided into three sections;affirmative party, anti-party and commenting party to show the report and they then go on todebate their research results. The judges give final grades according to the performance ofthe players.
The site of the contest.
Group photo of HIT team.

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