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LENG Xiaokun wins 9th China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Contest

Updated: 2014/9/30

Reported by: PANG Donghe|
Photographed by: CHENG Guodong
Translated by: ZHAO Chang
Edited by: Jonathan Wylie

The 9th China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Contest was held in the Great Hall of the People on DENG Xiaoping’s 110th birthday. LIU Yandong, of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier, attended the awards ceremony and delivered a speech. LENG Xiaokun, undergraduate student in HIT’s School of Computer Science and Technology won the contest, and is the 7th HIT student to win the award, following, ZHANG Xingwen, WANG Jiannan, ZHOU Bin, WANG Wenshou, LIU Yuan, and WAN Long.

LENG won 2nd place in the National Robot Competition when he was in high school, and was recommended to HIT in 2011. He is the student of Professor HONG Bingrong and Professor PIAO Songhao. He led a team performing a show of robot dancing on the CCTV Spring Festival gala when he was a freshman. During his time at HIT he has published three EI retrieval papers, applied for one national invention patent and five utility patents. He was the champion of the Sino-Russian Engineering Robot Series, Champion of the National Robot Championship, and was awarded 2nd prize in the Asian Super Computer Competition on behalf of HIT. Due to his excellent performance in his major, and his scientific and technical innovation, he was awarded the Outstanding Student of China Computer Federation, the China Development Bank Scholarship, and was named a Merit Student of Heilongjiang Province. His outstanding achievement in science and technological innovation has been reported by several media outlets and caused considerable public recognition.

WAN Long, a student in the friction stir processing center in the School of Material Science and Engineering, attended the award ceremony as a representative of the team. He was elected to the national first “DENG Xiaoping Science and Technology Innovation Team” in February of this year. This team is in conjunction with the advanced welding and connection state key lab of HIT, and was established in June, 2012. Most students on this team are masters students, however it is open to students with a bachelors degree or above from such diverse majors as the School of Material Science and Engineering, the School of Mechatronic Engineering, and the School of Management. This team mainly does research and develop on equipment and technology related to stir and friction.

The China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Contest was organized by the  Youth League of China, the All-China Youth Federation, the All–China Students Federation, and the Chinese Young Pioneers  on the 100th birthday of DENG Xiaoping in 2004, with the help of DENG Xiaoping’s family according to his last wishes. DENG donated the funds to support this contest before his death. About 900 students have won this award in the past 10 years.

Award Ceremony of the 9th China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Contest (via Chinanet)

LENG Xiaokun at the award ceremony

WAN Long at the award ceremony


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