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Students from HIT win prizes at National College "Freescale Cup" Smart Car Contest

Updated: 2014/10/21
Reported by: ZHANG Yutao
Photographed by: ZHANG Yutao
Translated by: WANG Xujie
Edited by: Jonathan Wylie
The 9th National College "Freescale Cup" Smart Car Contest was held recently. After two days of close competition, four teams from HIT won two first prize awards and two second prize awards.
Over 2000 teams from eight main regions participated in sub-division finals, and from this,204 teams were nominated for the National Finals. The “HIT-Innovative 305 Team” was extremely outstanding and was named the most creative group in terms of technicality and ornamentation. The theme of this team was “Amusement Park,” and included unilateral two-wheeled travel, a single wheel trolley maintaining balance, a roller coaster, a car chase and other unique aspects. This team won great compliments from the field of professional judges and student evaluators and won the first national prize for first place. The team, “HIT aerospace Fuk Road - Team Knight Rider,” won the first national prize for second place byexhibiting an excellent program, wonderful explanation and the clear answer.
The National College "Freescale Cup" Smart Car Contest is mainly sponsored by the Ministry of Education Steering Committee and also sponsored by Freescale. It is an innovative competition which mixes science, fun, and ornamental value, and includes the subjects of computer science, automatic control, mode identification, sensor technology, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, and vehicle design, just to name a few. It has become a national university technology competition among 300 universities from 30 provinces.
Students from the School of Electrical Engineering and Automation at HIT have taken part in this competition since 2011 and have won great support from the Undergraduate College,the School Youth League, and the Logistics Group. The School of Electrical Engineeringand Automation built an innovative practice smart car system, established an innovative practice base and provided an instructor team. The Student Smart Car Club has usedscience and technological innovation to achieve incredible self-organization, self-discipline,and self-management.

The scene of the contest. 
HIT team preparing for the contest.
Participants at the contest.

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