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HIT MBA team wins China Management Case Competition

Updated: 2014/10/21
Reported By: School of Management
Photographed By: School of Management
Translated By: HU Yujia
Edited By: Jonathan Wylie
On September 21st, the national finals of the Second China Management Case Competition(2014) ended at the University of Science & Technology in Beijing. After fierce competition, the HIT MBA Team won the national championship. HIT Professor HUI Xiaofeng from the School of Management won the best coach award.
The China Management Case Competition is currently considered as the most large scale, most widely distributed surface, and most standardized competition system at the highest level within the industry.
The competition was sponsored by the China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee, the China Management Case-sharing Center, the China Management Case Center Alliance and the Chinese Society for Management Modernization’s Management Case Research Committee. Overall 352 teams from 68 universities participated in the competition. Over half a year, more than 3000 MBA students went through numerous testsin campus breakout competitions and nine sub-division promotion races. Finally 16 teamscompeted in the national finals.
The national finals were divided into preliminaries and semi-finals, in which cases were selected from the Case Library of China’s Management Case-sharing Center. The finalsrematch case was, “To Break Through the Road of the Pod Inn”. Participating teams wererequired to cooperate to propose solutions in six hours. Additionally, the competition system created a new form called the “PK Model with Multi-angle” for two teams making case statements at the same stage. While competing against the opposing team on the stage, each team also had to face challenges from OTC teams and a “precision strike” from the judges. Finally, the HIT MBA Team won the championship with their excellent performance.
Group Photo of the HIT MBA Team

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