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HIT wins first prize at China Transducer & Sensor Innovation Competition

Updated: 2014/10/21

Reported by: HU Pengcheng
Photographed by: HU Pengcheng
Translated by: YANG Yue
Edited by: Jonathan Wylie

The 2014 China (International) Transducer & Sensor Innovation Competition was held at BeiHang University. Guided Associated Professor of the Institute of Ultra-Precision Optoelectronic Instrument Engineering, HU Pengcheng, the program “for the measurement of ultra-precision sub-nanometer dual-frequency laser interferometer” completed by graduate students XING Xu and ZHAO JinLong, won first prize.

The competition was organized by the China Instrument and Control Society, and the Ministry of Education Teaching Instrument Specialties Steering Committee. It contained 473 teams including 1000 teachers, students, researchers, and engineering and technical personnel, coming from 119 domestic universities, 8 research institutes, 26 companies, and many foreign universities including the University of Manchester. Contest preliminaries narrowed the field to 67 outstanding works which competed in the finals. After fierce competition, 1 grand prize, 3 first prizes, 9 second prizes, and 54 third prizes were awarded.

The China (International) Transducer & Sensor Innovation Competition is a prestigious competition, established by the China Instrument and Control Society in 2012. It aims at building an innovative country, promoting innovation and development in the areas of instrumentation and sensor technology, and encourages original spirit and promotes innovative talent cultivation, while promoting technological collaboration, to achieve the integration of research results and industrial upgrading and restructuring.

The team representing HIT

Students participate in the awards ceremony


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