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HIT students achieve excellent results in National Conference

Updated: 2014/10/27
Reported by: JIANG Fanbao
Photographed by: WANG Binsheng
Translated by: JIA Yingxue
Edited by: Jonathan Wylie
From October 18th to 19th, the 7th National Conference of Undergraduate on Innovation and Entrepreneurship was held by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China atXi’an Jiaotong University. HIT achieved excellent results and was one of the best universities at the conference. One student’s project won the prize of My Favorite Projects, which was awarded to only 10 projects. Two papers won the prize ofOutstanding Papers, which also was awarded to ten in total. HIT was awarded as the 2012-2014 Advanced University of Implementing Training Program in Undergraduates’Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In September of 2015, HIT will host the 8th National Conference of Undergraduate on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. HIT Assistant President XU Xiaofei, on behalf of HIT, received the conference flag.
Guided by School of Astronautics Professor ZHANG Xuelin, students including SONG Jiaying completed the innovative project, Design and Application of Remote Control Solar Powered Model Airplane. This project won the prize of My Favorite Projects.HIT has won this prize six times in the history of the conference. Guided by School of Energy Science and Technology Professor LIU Hui, students including CHEN Pengbo completed the paper, PIC Numerical Simulation of Thruster Field Strength based on different Cusped Magnetic Field. Guided by Department of Chemistry Vice Professor XU Ping, students including LI Siwei completed the paper, Preparation and SERSProperties of Noble Metal Nanomaterials on Polyaniline Films. These two papers won the prize of Outstanding Papers.
The theme of this conference was "Innovation Dream, China Dream." The conference consisted of the Undergraduates' Academic Conference, the Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Exhibition, the Undergraduate Entrepreneurship ProjectPromotion, the University Seminar on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program,the Seminar of Local Education Authority and the Department of Science and Technologyon the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program, and the Conference Report.More than 700 teachers and students from nearly 300 universities attended the conference. A total of 240 Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Programs were proposed, which covered 12 disciplines , including, Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, Arts, and Law. The conference also exhibited 120 UndergraduateInnovation and Entrepreneurship Projects, 30 Undergraduate Entrepreneurship ProjectPromotions, and exchanged views about 89 papers.
Deputy Director of the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, HAN Jun, observes an HIT project.
Vice President XU Xiaofei receives the conference flag

Deputy Director of the Teaching Research and Quality Management Office of HIT’s Undergraduate College, WANG Lixin, (second from right) accepted the award on behalf of HIT.

Group photo of HIT conference attendees.

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