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HIT wins several prizes in Idea-king Competition

Updated: 2014/11/19
Reported by: School of Architecture
Translated by: JIA Yingxue
Edited by: Jonathan Wylie
Recently, the Idea-king 2014 International Landscape Planning and Design Competitionwas held in Beijing. The Landscape Architecture Department of HIT’s School of Architecture won an Outstanding Prize, a Gold Prize, a Silver Prize, a Bronze Prize and two Recognition Prizes.   
The competition received 4,625 entries. Evaluation experts in garden, architecture and landscape fields from all over the world and media judges, a total of 11 people, evaluated the work. The works of HIT’s School of Architecture were outstanding among all theentries. Instructed by Professor ZHAO Xiaolong, student, DING Fuzhuang, and hispartners designed the work Green Port·Afterglow --- Harbin Port Affair Bureau landscape planning and design and won the Outstanding Prize. Instructed by Professor QU Guangbin and Professor WANG Wei, student, CUI Qian, and her partners designed the work Timescape --- Jinhewan Wetland Park Recreation Vehicle Camp design and won the Gold Prize. Instructed by Professor ZHAO Xiaolong, student, MA Zihan, and her partners designed the work Based on Time and Space Dimensions --- Harbin Daowai District Port Affair Bureau Open Space Design and won the Silver Prize. Instructed by Professor LIU Xiaoguang, student, ZHANG Jiashuai, and his partners designed the workBeast Counterattack --- Ecological Park Reconstruction Design and won the Bronze Prize. The work ECO & MORE --- Jinhewan Wetland Park Recreation Vehicle Camp Tourism Planning and Design, designed by students including CHEN Yiwen, under the instruction of Professor QU Guangbin and Professor WANG Wei, and the workCreativity, movement, communication, pulse - Shenyang International Software Park Landscape Design, designed by students including SUN Jiayi, under the instruction of Professor WANG Wei, won the Recognition Prizes. 
The Idea-king International Landscape Planning and Design Competition was hosted by the International Landscape Design Industry Association and was jointly sponsored by international experts in International Landscape Design Industry. Professionals from manycountries, including: China, the United States of America, Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Australia, Spain and New Zealand attended the event. More than 100 thousand teachersand students from about 200 garden and landscape planning and design related schools participated in the competition.

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