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“Kuaizhou II” satellite successfully launched

Updated: 2014/12/2
Reported / Photographed by: LAN Rui
Translated by: YANG Yue
Edited by : Jonathan Wylie
On November 21st, at 14:37, at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, the Small Launch Vehicle Kuaizhou succeeded in launching the fourth satellite designed by HIT “Kuaizhou II,” into its predetermined orbit. The satellite, “Kuaizhou II,” is mainly used for emergency disaster monitoring and other fields.
Party Secretary WANG Shuquan, and President ZHOU Yu watched the launch of the satellite live at Beijing Aerospace City, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. Vice PresidentsHAN Jiecai, GUO Bin, AN Shi, and XU Dianguo also came together to watch the launch live. 
HIT designed and launched satellite, “Shi Yan Ⅰ” in 2004, satellite “Shi Yan II” in 2008, andsatellite “Kuai Zhou I” in 2013 all successfully. HIT has realized the dream of flying again and again, boosting the dreams of teachers and students to strengthen the country, combining the wisdom and strength of HIT, and reflecting the research and innovation power of HIT in the field of aerospace. All along, HIT has me the state’s major strategic needs positively, bearing primary developmental work in many areas and projects, andmaking vital contributions to the development of China’s aerospace industry.
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