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HIT students win structure competition third time running

Updated: 2014/12/11
Written by:WANG Hongshan
Photography by: WANG Hongshan
Translated by:CHEN Ruirong
Edited by: Jonathan Wylie
The Sixth Heilongjiang Structure Design Competition concluded on Nov. 24th. Guided by teacher ZHANG Qingwen, the “Extreme Challenger ” team consisting of LV Xiaoxiang, LI Minghan, CHEN Wen, and XU Wen, won the grand prize with the top total score. This is the third time in a row for HIT to win the Heilongjiang Structure Design Competition.
The competition was held by the Department of Education of Heilongjiang and the Heilongjiang Society of Theoretical and App and attracted 138 teams from 21 universities, 700 students majoring in civil engineering participated in the competition. This year’s competition was the largest and had the most participants. The theme of the competition was ”Fabrication and Test of a Tower Crane Model,” and required participating teams to create a tower crane model of bamboo on the first day and then have the load experiment the next day. The model had to be able to bear a weight of 10 kg. The winner was the lightest model to bear the load. The structure design of HIT was highly recommended by the committee and specialists from the competition. Their design ”Jing Song” won the grand prize for their reasonable structure design, and lightest weight, at 59.6 gram. Furthermore, HIT also won two first prizes, three third prizes and the first prize for team and the best organizer award.

HIT students in competition

HIT students in competition

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