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HIT students win at the International Top Design Competition

Updated: 2014/12/20
Reported by: the Undergraduate College
Photographed by: the Undergraduate College
Translated by: JIA Yingxue
Edited by: Jonathan Wylie
From November 26th to 30th, an HIT delegation participated in the 2014 International TopDesign Competition in South Korea at the invitation of Korea University. The Window Integrated dust ventilation and air purification project, designed by School of Energy Science and Engineering students ZUO Jingying, YU Wenhui and SUN Chen, Honors School student LIU Tianhao, and School of Electrical Engineering and Automation student SHAO Bo, under the guidance of School of Energy Science and Engineering Professor GAO Jihui, ranked third of four International Session winning works. This is the first time that HIT has won a prize in International Session of the International Top Design Competition.
Their project uses Ionic Wind to ventilate indoors for the first time. Air purifiers are instialledon windows to integrate dust removal into the process of ventilation. The design prevents smog particles from entering rooms from the source, and removes pollutants before they goindoors. Since Ionic Wind technology does not have mechanical movements, it does not produce noise to interfere with peoples’ lives. The work also resolves the long-term non-ventilated housing problem caused by traditional air purifiers, which can only achieve loop purification in a closed environment. 
The International Top Design Competition is a leading student technology competition in the field of engineering hosted by the South Korean Ministry of Education. About 300 works of 90 universities from countries and regions including America, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong participated in the competition. HIT sent five teams to participate in the InternationalSession exhibitions and competitions.
During the visit, the HIT delegation also attended the Chinese, Japanese and South Korean undergraduate innovative works report meeting, which was held by Korea University. Eighteen works were included in the exchange report. Through on-site assessment, China,Japan and South Korea respectively had works with special recognition. The Window Integrated dust ventilation and air purification system of HIT won this special recognition.
HIT students introducing their work
HIT students introducing their work

HIT students introducing their work

Award ceremony

Group photo of HIT delegation

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