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HIT establishes HIT-Xilinx Innovation Lab for Electronic Technology

Updated: 2014/12/20
Reported by: LAN Rui & XUN Yi
Photographed by: LAN Rui & XUN Yi
Translated by: JIA Yingxue
Edited by: Jonathan Wylie
On December 5th, HIT held the establishment ceremony for the HIT-Xilinx Innovation Lab for Electronic Technology. Vice President XU Dianguo and Xilinx Global UniversityProgram Manager Jason Wong inaugurated the joint lab together. Related persons of the Laboratory Management and Teaching Condition Protection Division and the School of Electrical Engineering and Automation and the Electrical and Electronic Laboratory Teaching Center attended the activities. 
In the ceremony, Vice President XU and Manager Wong delivered speeches respectively.They both expressed hopes that the establishment of the joint lab could enhancecooperation between HIT and Xilinx enterprise and the enterprise’s influence on universities. HIT could also improve students’ innovative ability to combine personnel training with modern high-tech and innovative concepts. Therefore, both sides could achieve win-winthrough such cooperation.
In the first joint lab program, 1000 Basys2 FPGA boards were involved. Compared to the traditional experimental box, the Basys2 FPGA board is smaller, and more convenient to carry. Students can independently conduct experiments in dormitories and libraries to improve their capacity to deal with problems, practical abilities and innovation awareness.Xilinx also donated to HIT two ZRobot-IV smart car study kits, two XUPV5-LX110TFPGA Plats, two ZRobot-uarm robotics kits and one PMOD module. Xilinx will also arrange FPGA technical experts to give lectures and exchanges two or three times a year.The establishment of the HIT-Xilinx Innovation Lab for Electronic Technology improves theexperimental teaching of digital electronic technology in experimental models and test content, and is significant for students learning and mastering advanced FPGA Plat, learningrich experimental content and doing innovative exercise.
Before the ceremony, Vice President XU met Xilinx Global University Program Manager Wong and E-Elements Technology Co., LTD General Manager CHEN Junyan. Vice President XU expressed thanks to Xilinx for its trust and donation. He said that HIT valuesinnovative personnel training and the 1000 sets of portable experimental equipment donated by Xilinx greatly facilitated students’ innovation. He hoped to further expand bilateralcooperation to become the model of university-enterprise cooperation. Manager Wong spoke highly of HIT labs. He introduced cooperation programs with the University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology andsaid that they would value the opportunity to cooperate with HIT, and would pay attention to other programs at HIT.
After the ceremony, related persons of both sides visited the laboratories of the HIT Electrical and Electronic Laboratory Teaching Center.     

Vice President XU Dianguo and Xilinx Global University Program Manager Jason Wonginaugurated the joint lab
Visiting the laboratory
Visiting the laboratory
The site of the meeting

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