Research News
Harbin Institute of Technology
Students of HIT Won the Grand Prize in the National Professional Software and Information Technology Competition

Professor Huang Zhiwei of School of Life Science Leading His Team Solving Three World Scientific Problems in Three Years

Startup of the NSFC Major Project led by Professor Duan Guangren


Professor Huang Zhiwei, a professor at the School of life of HIT, reveals the molecular mechanism of the C2c1-sgRNA compound to identify PAM-DNA substrates


HIT Students Gain Achievements in The Eighth National Mathematics Contest for College Students


CCTV News Reporting: The Independently Developed Precise Reducer of HIT was Put into Production


HIT Made New Progress in the Research Area of Micro Nano


The Academician Li Peigen was Invited to the Scientist Forum with the Topic of “Digital Technique and Intelligent Manufacturing”


Our School Makes New Progress Again in the Field of Environmental Photocatalysis Technique