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Prof. Wang Yuyin Elected Chairman of CSCS-ASCCS

Updated: 2017/12/17

Reported by: School of Civil Engineering
Photographed by: School of Civil Engineering
Translated by: Sun Jianyao
Edited by: D. Parker
Date: 2017-12-12

Recently, the 16th academic conference of the China Steel Construction Society Association for Steel-Concrete Composite Structures was held in Beijing. More than 500 experts and scholars attended the conference, including academicians Zhou Xuhong and Nie Jianguo from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Mr. Yue Qingrui, president of the China Steel Construction Society. The conference elected the ninth session of the council. Professor Wang Yubin and Professor Guo Lanhui from HIT’s School of Civil Engineering were elected as chairman and secretary general respectively.

Academicians Zhou Xuhong and Nie Jianguo delivered the keynote speeches. Thirteen experts from domestic and foreign universities and enterprises gave lectures. Sixty-four experts presented group reports. The 3rd Annual Award Ceremony for Outstanding Talents in Composite Structure along with the evaluation of the 8th “Precision Cup” Excellent Paper Award for Young Scholars also took place during the conference. Chen Peng, a Ph.D student from HIT, won the first prize for Outstanding Paper.  and Wang Yunhe, a Ph.D student from HIT, won second prize, and Huang Zhenfeng, a Ph.D. student from HIT’s Shenzhen Campus won an excellence award.

Founded in 1986, the China Steel Construction Society Association for Steel-Concrete Composite Structures is one of several groups led by the China Steel Structure Association. It is a national socio-economic and technical group composed of enterprises, public institution, scientists, technical experts and entrepreneurs engaged in the research and application of steel-concrete composite structures. Since its founding, the purpose of the China Steel Construction Society Association for Steel – Concrete Composite Structure Association, has been “promoting the application and academic communication of composite structures, saving steel, utilizing steel rationally and demonstrating the advantages of steel and concrete working together to provide economic and comprehensive benefits for society while contributing to the construction of a socialist economy.” CSCS holds a biannual national academic seminar. It has hosted the International Association for Steel-Concrete Composite Structure many times to build a solid academic platform for the development of steel-concrete composite structures at home and abroad, providing significant and extensive influence for the industry

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