Harbin Institute of Technology

The First HIT Ice and Snow Cultural Festival Opens. Teachers and Students Enjoy “A Frozen Paradise” at HIT

Updated: 2017/12/29

Reported by: Shang Yankai
Photographed by: Lan Rui, Liu Zhongkui, Ji Xing, Liu Yang, Fu Yonggang, Chuan Jiang, Sun Xiaobin
Translated by: Qiao Xuechao
Edited by: D. Parker
Time: 2017/12/22

A post titled “HIT Brings Ice-Snow World to School” recently went viral on Wechat moments of HIT teachers and students.  Teachers and students shared beautiful pictures of HIT with their friends and families receiving many “follows” and “likes.” On the evening of December 20th, 2017 with the theme of “Enjoying the Beauty of Ice and Snow,” the first HIT Ice and Snow Cultural Festival opened at the plaza of the Dianji Building. Wang Shuquan, the Secretary of the CPC Committee of Harbin Institute of Technology, announced the opening of the cultural festival.  Xiong Sihao, the Standing Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of Harbin Institute of Technology, Ding Xumei, HIT vice principal, Zhang Hongtao, the Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of Harbin Institute of Technology, Guo Bin, HIT vice principal, Wu Songquan, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee of Harbin Institute of Technology, Peng Yuankui, assistant to the president, and Liu Hong attended the opening ceremony.

Xin Jinping recently shared his dream of “a frozen and snow-covered land of gold & silver mountains”.  Goals associated with this dream are:  0.3 billion people enjoying winter sports, promoting the revitalization and development of Heilongjiang province and its tourism, and beautifying HIT with ice and snow.  As a result, HIT held its first annual ice and snow cultural festival this year.  Activities included an International Ice Sculpture Contest, Ice and Snow Building Contest, an Ice & Snow Forum, Ice & Snow Games, an Ice & Snow Photography Competition, an Ice & Snow Carnival, and a food show. The festival’s goals are to provide opportunities for teachers and students to feel the cultural charm of ice and snow, to enjoy the delight of winter sports consciously participating in the construction of a world-class university culture.  The entire world will be able to see HIT and its beauty as we export HIT spirit!

Twelve universities and colleges participated in the First International Ice Sculpture Contest, which.  It also attracted many international students from countries along The Belt and Road. Evaluated by experts, “Sitting by the window watching the clouds” won the first prize. “Jumping in the winter and flying—the Dream of Ice” won the second prize.  “Harvest, the Rhythm of Harbin” and “The Underwater World outside the Ice Window” won the third prize.

The first Ice & Snow Building Festival, “Racking Your Brains to Build a Snow House” attracted many Architecture schools, including HIT and Tsinghua University, as well as colleges and universities from the U.S.A., Belgium and the Netherlands. “Tiny World” from Tianjin University won the first prize. “Listening for…” from HIT and Kent University and “Weathering” from South China University of Technology won the second prize.  ON-rosironi from HIT, “Searching a City through Mountains” from Chongqing University and “Inter-ice Space” from Xian University of Architecture and Technology won the third prize.

The festival was hosted by Ding Xuemei. Zhang Hongtao announced the award-winning teams. Xiong Sihao and Guobin presented the awards to the teams.

As the opening ceremony concluded, teachers and students visited the ice sculptures enjoying the ice & snow carnival together. HIT, covered by the colorful ice lanterns, provided teachers and students beautiful memories. A variety of entertainment and foods made the pedestrian street intriguing and lively. The cold weather didn’t diminish the enthusiasm of people. Truly HIT is full of happiness, peace and harmony!


Wang Shuquan announces the opening of cultural festival by “opening the door of starlight.”



Opening ceremony



Prize-awarding ceremony

Beautiful Scenery and delicious food

Ice sculpture


Quick Flashing by Chinese and Russian youth to celebrate the Festival

Buildings made by snow


HIT Team Won the First Prize of the National Undergraduate Structural Design Competition

Professor Reinhold Schuch of Stockholm University, Sweden, was hired as the “Overseas Academic Master” of the Space Environment and Material Effect Discipline Innovation and Foreign Knowledge Introduction Base

Contributing the construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge—Professor Yan Mufu's team made breakthroughs in the field of heat treatment and surface modification ultra-high strengthening and toughening technology

HIT established the School of Medicine and Health to serve the strategy of “Health in China”

The Second Central and Eastern European “Belt and Road” Initiative Think Tank Network International Symposium Held

HIT achieved great success at the 11th National College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Annual Conference: the number of awards ranked first amongst the participating national universities.

HIT team won the first and second prizes in the China University Computer Tournament’s Artificial Intelligence Creative Competition

First Snow in HIT-whether it is the first sighting or a familiar reunion, everything is so beautiful!

The First China-Russia Forum on Science and Technology was held at the HIT

HIT Students Won First Prize in the China Robot and Artificial Intelligence Competition