Harbin Institute of Technology

The Inauguration Ceremony of SPbU Representative Office in HIT, SPbU Graduates Association (Harbin) and China-Russian Law Joint Research Center

Updated: 2018/02/20

Written by: Liu Zhongkui, Liu Mengnan
Photograph by: Tan Lijun, Liu Zhongkui
Translated by: Li Xiaojuan
Date: Feb 13th, 2018

On February 10th, 2018 Nikolay Kropachev, rector of St. Petersburg State University (SPbU), and Sergey Paltov, consul general of the Russian Consulate General in Shenyang visited our school to attend the inauguration ceremony for the SPbU Representative Office at Harbin Institute of Technology(HIT), and the SPbU Alumni Association (Harbin chapter) and China-Russia Law Studies Center. Lu Hao, governor of Heilongjiang province, rector Kropachev and HIT president Zhou Yu jointly inaugurated the three institutions. Sun Dongsheng, vice governor of Heilongjiang province, Qi Feng, vice secretary of the Provincial Government Office and director of the Provincial General Office, Zhao Guogang, head of the Provincial Ministry of Education, Wang Haijun, director of the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, were also in attendance.

Kropachev delivered a speech which highlighted the excellent faculties, first-class research facilities and great R & D capabilities of both St. Petersburg State University and Harbin Institute of Technology.  Each school enjoys an outstanding reputation in higher education and academic research their respective country. Both have fostered teams of top-quality talents with international competitiveness.  This has solidified the basis for a “win-win” cooperation. As one of the two model universities in the New China to study the system of Soviet higher education, HIT has been in close cooperation and frequent exchanges with Russian institutions of higher education, including SPbU for almost a century. SPbU has demonstrated its cooperative spirit with China by offering 46 majors concerning China. HIT is an important partner to SPbU.  They complement each other and together they can reach greater potential. The cooperation which Heilongjiang province and HIT enjoy is also benefits the other international partners of SPbU. The inauguration of the SPbU Representative Office at HIT, SPbU Alumni Association (Harbin Chapter) and the China-Russian Law Joint Research Center was an exciting event, marking an important step forward for the cooperation and development of SPbU with Heilongjiang province and HIT!  This event demonstrated our improved partnership; together we will go hand in hand to embark on a new journey. The increased in-depth exchange and cooperation between SPbU and HIT is a wise decision which is expected to bring pragmatic and efficient results. Both universities see this event as an opportunity for deeper exchanges and cooperation, continuous improvement in multiple fields and higher levels of partnership. SPbU and HIT will embrace a better future and play more important roles in China-Russia communication.

In his speech, President Zhou Yu, extended a warm welcome to Rector Nikolay Kropachev and consul general Sergey Paltov to HIT.  He expressed gratitude to the Heilongjiang government for its efforts to promote cooperation and exchange between HIT and SPbU. He emphasized the long histories of both schools in the development of modern higher education.  Each has nurtured distinctive features and advantages in such a way that they complement each other. For nearly 300 years, SPbU has received world-wide recognition in disciplines such as law, natural science, literature, art and economics.  It has fostered many elites and leaders in all fields.  For nearly a century, HIT in its history of modern higher education has focused on the development of aerospace engineering for the service of national defense. By studying Soviet engineering education, HIT has actively promoted the development of the disciplines of engineering, a mainstay of our economy. It has developed a tradition and standard for all of its students, “Strict Standards, Professional Practices”.  It has also achieved remarkable results in the field of engineering.  It ranks 7th in the US News &World engineering school rankings list for 3 consecutive years.  In 2018, it improved to 6th, demonstrating its constant improvement in its strength and level of education.  With the development of a national strategic partnership between China and Russia, the Chinese government has made efforts to promote Harbin, and Heilongjiang province as models for China-Russia cooperation, providing valuable advantages for the two schools to cooperate in education. HIT will join hands with SPbU to propel a joint campus construction as they promote cooperation in the fields of science and art, as well as people-to-people communication. In doing so, they will be pioneers and innovators in China-Russia academic exchanges, talent cultivation and scientific research.  This will assure increased results in the cooperation of science education and make greater contributions to China-Russian exchanges and cooperation.

During the visit, President Zhou Yu and Kropachev met and signed a cooperation agreement for the Representative Office and China-Russian Law Joint Research Center. Later they visited the site for the China-Russia Joint campus project, the School museum, the SPbU Representative Office and Nangang Museum.

HIT Vice President Ren Nanqi presided over the opening ceremony. Heads of the provincial government, the Russian Federation Embassy, principals, teachers and students of SPbU and HIT also participated in the relevant activities.


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