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Announcement and Call for Works of International Collegiate Spacecraft Innovation Design Contest 2018

Updated: 2018/04/13

1. Background

Spacecraft integrates the advanced technology of many disciplines, such as mechanics, electronics, control, materials and etc. Its innovation has been expanded from the technology of single component to the whole system, and even to the application and business. Particularly in recent years, small spacecraft has already become the foreland to promote the major innovation of concept and technology and to explore the development in the field of aerospace. The product types of the aerospace system have been enriched and the innovation level of the spacecraft has been promoted due to the participation of numerous scientific research institutions and universities. Meanwhile, based on the continuous development of commercial aerospace, the spacecraft has been led to the gradual transformation from the traditional service of defense and exploration into the service for mankind to boost the economic development, which has also led to the continuous innovation of the application pattern to expand the capability.

Spacecraft technology innovation has become the core driving force that has led to the integrated development of science and technology in all areas, as well as the core competence of maintaining advantages in the field of the international aerospace industry. The participation of young people around the world will play a major role in the future development of the international aerospace. International Collegiate Spacecraft Innovation Design Contest 2018 (ICSIDC2018) aims at enhancing the communications and cooperation among international collegiate students, stimulating the imaginative enthusiasm, developing innovation spirit and exercising the ability of comprehensive analysis and practice. The ICSIDC2018 will be hosted by Chinese Society of Astronautics, Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities (ASRTU), Harbin Institute of Technology, Bauman Moscow State Technical University and organized by School of Astronautics, Harbin Institute of Technology and Shanghai Aerospace Control Technology Institute.

2. Objectives and Topics

The objective of the Innovative Design Contest is to encourage innovations in spacecraft related fields around the cutting edge technology progress and the development of aerospace in the future. Participants are particularly encouraged to propose bold visions of innovative concepts that may have great influences and promotions to the future. The contest theme includes, but not limited to, the following topics:

New conceptual spacecraft system technology;

Innovative application of spacecraft;

New subsystems or payloads;

Innovation business pattern of commercial aerospace;

Other prospective new concepts, methods and technology.

3. Participants

Students of international universities and scientific institutions, (undergraduate or postgraduate) regardless of their disciplines, who are interested in the innovative design of spacecraft, can participate in the contest as an individual or in a team up to five people.

4. Requirements

Entries should be scientific, innovative and integrative. The work needs to be submitted within specified time. The extend abstract should be submitted in the preliminary stage for reviewing online, while the oral presentation should be given in the finals. Besides, the design models, video demos or animations are preferred to present in the finals.

5. Prizes

Certificates and awards will be issued to the winning entries, and the awards are set as follows:

First Prize: $10000 (Pre-tax, 5 pieces)

Second Prize: $3000 (Pre-tax, 15 pieces)

Excellent Prize: Several

Depending on the circumstances of entries, the organizing committee can adjust the number of awards. Outstanding works would be selected as the optional scheme for small satellite mission plan and provided the launch opportunity. The winning team and individual would be selected to participate in the satellite launch tour and small satellite summer camp.

6. Important Dates

Before February 28, 2018 .The first round announcement and call for works.

March 10-April 30, 2018. Participants register on the official website

May 15-30, 2018. Participants submit the entries on the official website. The extended abstract in English up to 3 pages (necessary information including the summary, pictures and results) is mandatory while the full paper is preferred as the supporting material.

June 15, 2018. Expert evaluation and notification of acceptance.

August 10-13, 2018. Participants will submit English poster and full paper of their works in the final and take part in oral defense in English on the scene in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China.

7. Contact Information

Official Website:

Official Email:

Organization Contact: Lily Zhu

Tel: (+86)451-86403166, (+86)18845154721


Technical Contact: Cheng Wei

Tel: (+86)18646562866


8. Declarations

(1) The entries should not infringe on intellectual property right affairs. The intellectual property disputes will be handled by participants.

(2) The intellectual property rights belong to the participants. The organizing committee has the right to non-profit editing and publishing. The participating units and individuals submitted works are deemed to confirm and to comply with the contest rules on copyright.

(3) The entries should not violate relevant laws and regulations. The participating units and individuals will be responsible for the consequences of illegal complications.

(4) For any queries of this notice, please call the contest committee which reserves the final explanation right.


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