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Ministry of Education Selects Seven HIT Projects for the First Group of “New Engineering” Research and Practice Projects

Updated: 2018/04/16

Written by:Zhang Yan
Translated by: Guo Yanhui
Edited by: D. Parker

Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the "Notice of Recommendations for New Engineering Research and Practice Projects." It identified 612 projects for the first group of "New Engineering" research and practice projects. Seven projects from HIT were selected. Academician Deng Zongquan, Academician Tan Jiubin, and Professor Xu Xiaofei were selected as guiding experts for the project group.

The identified projects were divided into two categories: comprehensive reforms and professional reforms. In each category, there were several project groups. The project “Study and Practices of Research and Practices in the Cooperative Education Model of Production-Science Cooperation in the New Engineering Education System in Chinese Colleges and Universities” led by Professor Xu Xiaofei and the project “A Training Model for the Exploration and Practice of Multidisciplinary Integration of Engineering Talents” led by Professor Shi Shisheng were selected for the “New” Engineering "integrated reform projects of advanced Universities.

The following projects were selected for the "New Engineering" professional reform projects category:

"Competency-Oriented Engineering Curriculum Designs for New Engineering Subjects Systems" led by Academician Deng Zongquan from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

"Innovation Concerning the Construction of Instruments for New Engineering Subjects" led by Academician Tan Jiubin from the School of Electrical Engineering

"Exploration and Practices of Training Models for Mechanical Engineering for New Engineering Talents" led by Professor Yan Jihong from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

"Construction and Application of Foundational Computer Courses and Virtual Simulation Platforms for New Engineering Subjects" led by Professor Zhan Dechen from the School of Computer Science

"Dual Subjects of Architecture" and "A Collaborative Training Model for Top Innovative Talents" led by Professor Sun Cheng in the School of Architecture

The introduction of “New Engineering” is a strategic action that actively responds to a new round of scientific and technological innovations and industrial changes. Its aim is to take into overall consideration “new requirements for engineering majors and engineering subjects,” to accelerate the cultivation of engineering science and technology personnel in emerging fields, and to transform and upgrade traditional engineering majors. It also aims to actively search for talents for future development in strategic areas, establish new concepts, new standards, new models, new methods, new technologies, and new cultures for the construction of “New Engineering.” This will help to realize a transformation from a discipline-oriented to an industrial demand-oriented program, evolving from a professional division to a “cross-border integration,” adapting services to support and lead.


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