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A Variety of Activities as HIT Celebrates “2018 China Space Day”

Updated: 2018/05/02

Written by: Shang Yankai
Translated by: Fu Ruiyao
Edited by: D. Parker
Pictures by: Lan Rui Liu Zhongkui Shang Mingrui Li Yongfei Guo Jianwei Deng Dekuan
Date: 2018-04-25



Activity Leaders

On April 24th, 2018 a wide variety of activities with the theme “Forging a New Era in Space Development” was held at Harbin Institute of Technology to celebrate the “2018 China Space Day.”  Students and faculty enthusiastically participated in the event to promote a strong aerospace culture at HIT.  They participated in the flag raising ceremony, special art performances, “hiking for health”, competitions testing knowledge in aerospace science, an essay contest with the theme of “Feelings of Space”, and a poetry exchange which offered tribute to careers in space.



Flag Raising Ceremony

On the morning of the 24th, the flag-raising ceremony, with the theme of “Forging a New Era of Space Development” was held in HIT’s Plaza.  Representatives from graduates about to embark  in work in the aerospace industry along with various youth representatives participated in the ceremony.  They offered a solemn pledge to the national flag: “We should always bear in mind the advice of General Secretary Xi Jinping:  The mission in the new era is to build China into a space power. There will be new responsibilities for the astronauts in the new journey. We should adhere to the tradition, the standards of HIT, and endeavor to be proficient in our efforts. We should have an awareness of firm ideals and convictions, great skills and noble character. We will work for the development of space, for national defense and devote ourselves to any place where motherland needs us. We will strive so that HIT will become a world-class university, an aerospace power in China, and for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”

Xiong Sijun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of HIT, Du Shanyi, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the first dean of the academy of the Institute of Aerospace Engineering and expert on structural mechanics and composite materials for aircraft, and Peng Yuankui, assistant to the president, attended the event.

Xiong spoke of how through the years, HIT has always worked hand in hand with China Aerospace to create a glorious history and raise the hopes of young students. Academician Du addressed young students in the hope that they will strive to be a new force for the development of aerospace and will contribute wisdom and strength to the realization of the dream of China as a space power.  Xu Minxin, a university undergraduate “student of the year”, a provincial student of good quality, and an undergraduate student of the Grade 2014 Academy of Undergraduate Studies, shared stories of his struggle for self-improvement in his pursuit of a space dream.


Staff Hike 

At noon on April 24th, faculty and staff went hiking as part of the “2018 China Space Day.” It also coincided with the opening ceremony of the construction of the 2018 fundamental trade union organization for healthy small homes.  The activity was organized by the school office, the school trade unions, and the staff hiking association. The theme of the event was “Carrying Forward the Spirit of Space and Striving to be a Pioneer in the New Era.”  This event received enthusiastic participation from nearly 500, including faculty members from the fundamental union and union members.




Special Performances

On the evening of the 24th, with the theme of “Youth and Inheritance” the third annual special performance as part of “China Aerospace Day” was held at the Campus Cultural Center.  It commemorated the 90th anniversary of the birth of the academician Ma Zuguang.  Famed singer, Gao Qiang, was joined by students from the HIT Art Troupe, the school museum, and the 16th Graduate School Teaching Troupe.  Together they performed a series of brilliant acts such as “Kiss of Space”, “You Are the Light”, and “Followers of Space”. The performances not only honored the deeds of academician Ma Zuguang, but also the achievements of China Aerospace.

The "Sailing Cup" Aerospace Science Knowledge Competition sponsored by the Youth League Committee attracted 16 teams from various colleges in HIT. The competition celebrated the achievements of China's space industry and served as a guide for today’s youth to inherit and carry forward the space spirit. The competition included questions regarding the history of aerospace development, knowledge of satellite science, rocket science and “common sense of the universe”.  

The School of Humanities, the School of Social Sciences, and the School of Law spearheaded an Essay Contest with the theme “Aerospace Feeling.”  Students enthusiastically participated submitting their works. Two essays were awarded the first prize, 3 second prize, 5 third prize and 15 outstanding awards.


Yuan Zhejun, president of the Spring and Autumn Poet Society, attended the Poetry Conference to pay tribute to space career.

As part of the third "China Space Day," the school library, school unions, and undergraduate schools jointly organized a poetry conference. During the activity, the teachers and students not only recited classical poetry related to astronomy and astrology, but also shared  poetic works related to aerospace by Li Jisheng  and academician Huang Wenhu, alumni of HIT.  Yuan Zhejun, president of the Spring and Autumn Poet Society, and one of the “800 Warriors of Harbin Institute of Technology”,  recited his work and shared his original intentions and feelings.


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