Harbin Institute of Technology

Winning Athletes and Coaches from PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games and Winter Paralympic Games Share Their Stories

Updated: 2018/05/02

Written and Photographed by: Shang Yankai
Translated by: Li Xiaojuan
Edited by: D. Parker
Date: Apr. 18th, 2018

On the evening of April 16th, 2018 winning athletes and their coaches from the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games and Winter Paralympic Games delivered reports in lecture hall 301 of the Student Activity Center. Six representatives or athletes had face-to-face exchanges with HIT students, telling their stories of pursuing dreams and honor for our country.

This activity was jointly hosted by the Provincial Party Committee’s Publicity Department, the Provincial Party Committee of Colleges and Universities, the Provincial Education Bureau, the Provincial Sports Bureau and the Provincial Disabled Persons' Federation.  The activity was organized by the School League Committee and the “201 Rostrum”. The following gave outstanding reports:  Coach Li Jianrui and athlete Liu Wei, representatives from wheelchair curling team, winning China’s first gold medal in the Winter Paralympic Games; Ren Ziwei, for speed skating and Han Cong in figure skating.  These two excellent athletes are known as the "trump cards" for China in Winter Olympics; Wang Bingyu,, leader of the women's curling team, who has won many world games on behalf of China; and Wu Junbao, biathlon athlete who set a new Olympic record  at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics with his best performance.

Wu Junbao was the first to deliver his report.  He shared the journey of his heart which included a childhood marked with trauma and confusion from a tragic fire.  He channeled this trauma into a resolution to excel at the winter games.  The result:  the pride of winning on behalf of China.  The next speaker was Ren Ziwei, a young talent in speed skating and outstanding athlete of only 21 years of age.   He shared his team’s historic breakthroughs, in spite of frequent controversial calls by the referees.  This failed to undermine their belief and goal to bring China national honor.  He expressed the aspiration of racing against time and setting records in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in 4 years.

The next speaker was Han Cong, who won the silver medal in pair skating – free skating.  He shared with emotion the decade-long mutual support of his partner Sui Wenjing and their dreams of winning the gold. He also shared how after winning the 2017 World Championships, he had the honor of dining together with President Xi Jinping.  He was also invited to pay a state-visit to Finland. He shared with students that his own experiences have taught him, “Regardless of the pain, you must move forward against the fierce wind.  You must devote your entire soul for the dreams in your heart.”

Next came reports from Liu Wei, who won a historic gold medal in wheelchair curling by defeating competitive rivals, and her coach Li Jian. They told “behind the scene” decade-long story,   from a tough start, through continuous breakthroughs until they reached the gold medal podium. With a strong commitment to “making the flag of the People’s Republic of China fly high in the Olympic stadium”, all team members have endured painstaking strain and have striven tenaciously to win.    

The final report was given by the leader of the women's curling team, Wang Bingyu who has an undying bond with HIT. She reviewed the development of her team from its humble beginning, and its ascent to being one of the top teams in the world.  She also shared her personal story of  how she resolutely rejoined the team and finally had the chance to participate in the Winter Olympics. She believes, “No matter what difficulties you encounter, you must confront and overcome them with hope and fortitude.”

After all the reports, the 6 coaches and athletes opened the floor for questions from the students. The evening concluded with a robot dancing show and a a group photo with HIT faculty and students.


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