Harbin Institute of Technology

HIT Professor He Xiaodong Gives Speech at the China International Exchange Conference

Updated: 2018/05/02

Translated by: Shen Xiao
Edited by: D. Parker
Date: April 22nd, 2018

On April 15th, 2018 the16th China International Talent Exchange Conference with the themes “International Exchange and Talents Introduction in Universities” and “Discipline Innovation and Talents Introduction Base 111” was held at the Shenzhen International Conference and Exhibition Center. HIT professor He Xiodong was one of over 450 outstanding representatives representing more than 100 colleges and universities in China.  He Xiaodong is a part of the academic backbone of “Innovation and Talents Introduction Base in Aerospace Technology” in our university.  He was invited to give a keynote address at the conference and had a discussion with other representatives concerning the role and function of “111 base” in the construction of “double first-class” universities.  He also shared regarding future construction ideas and development measures of the “111 Base”.

Zhang Jianguo, vice minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology and director of the State Administration of Foreign experts attended the meeting and gave a speech. Li Nan, deputy director of the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Education, and Yi Fanping and Wang Song, deputy directors of the Department of Culture and Education of the State Administration of Foreign Affairs were also in attendance along with more than 140 representatives from 40 colleges and universities.

In 2006 HIT’s Aerospace Technology Discipline Innovation and Talents Introduction Base, whose director is academician and HIT vice president Han Jie, was the first venue selected for the “Discipline Innovation and Talents Introduction Plan.” It was jointly implemented by Ministry of Education and the State Foreign Experts Bureau. Based on the two disciplines of mechanics and materials science, and the key laboratory of special environmental composite technology, it has achieved fruitful original results by building a solid base and attracting outstanding talents.  It is meeting demands as a leader in the frontier of Aerospace science and technology development and national defense science and technology.  It not only serves the great demands of the national industry with high precision, but also serves the discipline independent innovation of our university. It has a positive and extensive influence throughout the world, and has become an internationally renowned science innovation and talents introduction base and platform for aerospace technology. We have introduced one new academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, one chief scientist of the 973 project, 7 Yangtze River scholars, 5 national distinguished young scholars and 4 leading talents for the Ministry of Science and Technology.  A total of 14 academic masters including academicians from the United States Academy of Engineering, 2 specialized project experts of the national “1000-talent Program” and 21 talents from overseas have been introduced.

Our university, as an excellent representative of the 40 national universities which were provided free booths by the Congress, was invited to participate in the 16th China International Talent Exchange Conference. It provided opportunities to publicize our school's latest talent recruitment policy, and to gather and attract more talents to join us at HIT.

In order to publicize HIT’s latest developments and achievements as well as the future development of our Shenzhen campus, our university invited all participants to visit the Shenzhen campus.  In addition, Yan Liang, executive vice president of the Shenzhen campus, gave a keynote report.

Various representatives from the office of International Cooperation also attended the meeting.


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