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Professor Han Xiaojun's Team Makes Great Progress in the Field of Artificial Cell Research

Updated: 2018/05/28

Written by: School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Translated by: Shen Xiao
Edited by: D. Parker
Date: 2018-5-21

With the support of the National Natural Science Foundation, the team of Professor Han Xiaojun, a faculty member of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and a member of the National Key Laboratory for Urban Water Resources and Water Environment, has made important progress in the field of artificial cell research. The research results of Self-Assembled “Breathing” Grana-Like Cisternae Stacks were published in Advanced Materials, an internationally acclaimed journal (an impact factors of 19.79). Professor Han Xiaojun is the only author, and HIT is the only holder.

Artificial cells are artificially simplified cell models.  They effectively overcome many problems in traditional cell research and provide simple and effective models for the study of cell life activities. They help to understand the molecular mechanism within and between cells, and also helps us understand the origin of life. Organelles such as chloroplast grana and endoplasmic reticulum are composed of cystic biofilm stacking structures. Artificial simulation of the organelle structure is a difficult problem.  In order to solve this problem, the team successfully prepared a cystic stacking structure similar to a chloroplast grana structure using phospholipid molecule as the construction unit. The structure has the function of stretching like a spring. By embedding quantum dots, the energy resonance transfer of light is realized, which allows it to function capturing light energy. The originality and importance of the research results have been fully affirmed and highly praised by reviewers.

Professor Han Xiaojun has been engaged in artificial cell-related research for many years.  He has made a series of high-level research achievements in recent years. He has published a series of research papers in Journal of The American Chemical Society, 2017,139,9955-9960 (influence factor of 13.858), ACS Nano, 2014, 8, 3961–3969, (influence factor of 13.942), Advanced Functional Materials, and Chemistry A European Journal, some of which are hot spots and cover papers. He has presided over 20 projects for the National Natural Science Foundation and the Ministry of Education Foundation for Outstanding talents in the New Century. To date, 110 SCI papers have been published.

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