Harbin Institute of Technology

Mini Marathon: Teachers and Students “Make a Confession of Love” for HIT by Running

Updated: 2018/05/28

Translated by: Wang Min
Edited by: D. Parker
Date: 2018-5-22


On the morning of May 20th , 2018, the second annual Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) Mini Marathon with the theme of “Youth Together” kicked off in the square of the Electrical Machinery Building. Over 1,700 teachers, students and their family members “made a confession of love” for HIT by running and measuring the campus with their footsteps.

An Shi, Vice President, and Peng Yuankui, Assistant to the President, together with various other school officials announced the opening and participated in the race.

The length of the Mini Marathon was 7.12 kilometers from the Main Campus to the Science Park.  Participants passed by the Sculpture of the HIT Satellite, the library, the pedestrian street, the stadium, the Aerospace Museum, the “Stone of Motto,” and other HIT landmarks.  While the majority of the participants were students, faculty, alumni and their family members of different ages also participated. There were no rankings for the race. Anyone who finished the marathon within 50 minutes was awarded a medal and a certificate.

Wang Dandan, a member of HIT’s track-and-field team was first to finish the race followed by several teachers and students close behind.  Each received a medal and certificate with their finishing time.

After the Mini Marathon, this reporter interviewed several participants.  Xiang Xuelian, a postgraduate student from the School of Material Science and Engineering who has participated in the race for two years, said “I am very glad to join with my research group friends in this activity. Through the first and second Mini Marathon, I have made many friends who have a passion for sports. Unfortunately, I cannot participate in the next Mini Marathon because I will graduate, but I will cheer for HIT even if I am not in Harbin”.

Tang Weiming, a sophomore from the School of Electrical Engineering who is preparing for HIT’s sports day activities, shared his opinion on the meaning of running. “Through running I have learned what persistence is. At the same time, I have made many friends who love running and sports.”

Guides from the HIT Museum participated in the race as a team.  One guide shared, “We believe that the greatest reward is building a cohesive team. It is a wonderful thing when everyone encourages and cheers for each other during the race.”

Several Venezuelan students from the College of International Education enjoyed the race very much. “We all love sports and we work our twice or three times a week. We will definitely join the Mini Marathon next year.” they said.

Zhao Wen, counsellor from the School of International Studies, said that teachers are normally quite busy and it is a chance for them to relax. “I feel very happy running with my colleagues and students. There are volunteers cheering us on.” When next year’s Mini Marathon was mentioned, she confirmed her intention to participate.

“Carrying out extensive ‘Fitness-for-All’ programs, and increasing efforts to build China into a country strong in sports” is a guideline proposed by President Xi.  HIT launched the first Mini Marathon successfully in 2017 to carry out this guideline as well as provide extracurricular sports activities. It’s theme was “Getting off-line! Stepping out of the dormitory! Embracing the sports ground!” The mini-marathon activities have inspired HITers’ passion for sports. Through their active participation, teachers and students have shown their enthusiastic support and offered their praise for the activities.

















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