Harbin Institute of Technology

Closing Ceremony of the 8th “Zuguang Cup” for Creative Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Updated: 2018/06/11

Written by: Shang Yankai
Translated by: Wu Han
Date: June 7th, 2018

The closing ceremony of the 8th “Zuguang Cup” for Creative Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was celebrated on May 24th, 2018. This year’s theme was “Making Innovations for the New Century and Starting a New Journey Toward our Dream.” It was held in the HIT gymnasium.  After intensive competition, the School of Mechatronics Engineering won the “Zuguang Cup” first prize.  The project “Environmental-Friendly Fluorosilicon Release Protective Material” won the KunShan Special Award.  HIT vice-president, Peng Yuankui, and Xu Jie, deputy director of the Science and Technology Bureau of the Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone in Jiangsu province presented awards to the winning teams and individuals.

The “Zuguang Cup” for Creative Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was named after the academician Ma Zuguang.  Over its 8 year history it has become a comprehensive innovative and entrepreneurial competition at HIT with the highest level, the largest scale, and a profound impact. The competition is held jointly by The School League Committee, the Undergraduate and Graduate Schools and undertaken by the School of Materials.  Based on past awards, the “Dream Tour Award” was added.  Registration opened in March, with a total of 638 entries.  After preliminary examinations by experts, a total of 245 entries were selected for the finals.  Machinery and control, information technology, energy and chemical engineering, life sciences, mathematics, society, law and philosophy were all represented in the finals.  Nine gold awards, 18 silver awards, 36 bronze awards, and 1 Kunshan Special Award were given. Gold medal award winning projects were: “Investigation and Promotion on Rural Internet Supported Agriculture and on the Concept of Deep Utilization of Straw” (Dream Tour)、 “Rubik Box's Cube Robot” (Creative)、“Reconstruction of the Chagan Lake Winter Fishing Hut and Its Home Port Design Guided by the Self-Organization Theory” By Sacred Lake· Nabo·Winter Fishing Team (Creative)、“Air Boost Phase Transformation Waste Heat Recovery Device for Hot Sewage”(Innovation)、“Bionic Self-Sensing Super-Hydrophobic Material for Micro-Droplet Transport” (Innovation)、 “Estimation on the Scale of Counterfeit Goods by China's Cross-Border Online Shopping and Risk Perception Thereof” (Innovation)、“Intelligent Warning Systems for Inner Wheel Difference Based on Rear Wheel Trajectory Line” (Innovation)、“Puppydome-Dog Watching Smart Home Service System”(Entrepreneurial)、 “Environmentally-Friendly Fluorosilicon Releasing Protective Material” (Entrepreneurial).






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